Liptovská Mara dam - tip for holiday


Liptovská Mara is a water work in the middle Liptov in Slovakia, at Liptovský Mikuláš. It is part of the Weigh Cascade dam system. The work was built in 1969-1975 years. During the construction, 13 was flooded by the municipality, of which 12 completely (Čemice, Demín, Liptovská Mara, Liptovská Sielnica (original), Nižné Dechtáre, Paludza, Parížovce, Ráztoky, Sestrč, Sokolče, Vrbie, Vyšné Dechtáre) Liptovský Trnovec Bukovina. Together, 940 families were displaced, representing more than 4 a thousand inhabitants.


Information about the Liptovská Mara dam

The water work was built by Váhostav, np in the years 1965 to 1975. The total volume of 360,5 million m3 (320,5 million m3 utility, 14,5 million m3 protection) is the largest water reservoir in Slovakia. When floating on the 566 dimension, it floods an area of ​​nearly 27 km2. The waterworks consist of 43,5 m high (construction height 52 m) of the earth dam with aluminum seals and hydropower plants with 4 turbines (2 Kaplan, 2 reversible type.Deriaz) with installed power of 198 MW.

During the construction, 11 mil. M3 soil, 300 th. m3 stones and more than 400 thous. m3 concrete and reinforced concrete. The body of the dam is in the crown long 1350 m. The hydroelectric power station stands at the air heel of the dam (the water is supplied by a steel pipe with a diameter of 670 cm) than the 45 m high object (43 * 130 m ground plan).

Use of the dam

The main purpose of the dam is flood protection, but it also serves to generate electricity, as there are 4 198 turbines with XNUMX MW power. The recreational function is currently relatively underdeveloped (recreation center at Liptovský Trnovec in connection with the nearby Aquapark Tatralandia). From the resort in Liptovský Trnovec, it is possible to go on a cruise tour of Mare on the photovoltaic Catamaran.

Ratkovo Peninsula with adjacent waters is a protected area. Over the dam wall of Liptovská Mary, 2 km south of the village Bobrovník, at the eastern foothills of the top of the repository (741,7 m. M.) The archaeological site of Havránok - the Celtic fortification of the settlement of Kotínov with the Druid Shrine of 1. century BC There is also a museum in the nature.

Tip for accommodation directly at the dam - Camping Mara

Accommodations v Mara Camping site - Liptovský Trnovec - camp Offers several Accommodation options - na your own they will come lovers camping, but by and supporters Caravaning. Except Of that we offer accommodation at twenty cabins or si you rent most people. z of ours tents. Kemp you can find it directly u dam Liptovská Mara v district City Liptovský Nicholas. You can stay here in equipped cottages, mobile homes. There are also places for own tents, camping sites for caravans and caravans.

The camp is rich in water attractions. You can dine with pedal boats, with water scooters. There are no sightseeing trips after overtaking Liptovská Mara





Accommodation in the area: 


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