For the first time on foot to Šumava via Čertovo and Černé jezero


When asked Míša if we would go on a hiking trip there and there, my answer was always: "Why would we walk on it? It will be faster on a bike" However, under the weight of her argument, I decided that the hiking trip would be nice. Understand the word argument, it inflated me so much that I had no choice .. :)). In addition, buddy David is also a hiking enthusiast. So we just got together and drove. As a test trip, we chose a circuit around the famous lakes in Šumava. The whole route was less than 16 km, so why not .. wink


Download route here:


Start in Železná Ruda

In Železná Ruda we get out of the car and have coffee at the gas station. Then the first "hill" awaits us ..smiley

Fortunately, it turned out that the climb would not be as hot as it looked. However, on the way we enjoyed the mountain air ...wink

Kája (daughter) complained that she was sick to her stomach, so we take a break for a while. After feeding the bread in the egg, which we had with us, she suddenly came to life, which is logical, because I made the bread, so who wouldn't like that, yes ... cool

We're all fucked, only David has to have a pad. So I ask him if he is spoiled or what:) ... He doesn't want to catch a wolf, which I didn't understand, because wolves don't just get caught in Šumava. devil Especially when there are supposedly only two packs ... cheeky


Direction Devil's and Black Lake

After a few more kilometers we reach the first of the lakes, namely to Devil's Lake. In fact, I expected it to be a bit like being alone, but there were a few people by the lake, two E-bikers and two cyclists. cool . I didn't dare take pictures of e-fables because I was afraid that the flash from the camera would ignite their e-engines and I don't have e-insurance for that. devil. So at least I'm attaching photos of the lake ... smiley

I wanted to take pictures of more ducks, but the pigs flew away and only ducks remained there ... angry.. And yeah, in the background again Devil's Lake ... cool

And this photo came out best for me .. :) ..Even though there is no duck ... blush



Well, there were plenty of photos of ducks and other Šumava predators. We move on direction to the Black Lake. There will be one duck that amazed us all ..cheeky  Kaji, meanwhile, did well in the stomach. What was interesting about it was that she was well on the straights, but as soon as the hills came, she was sick again :) :)) So we started thinking if the shoes didn't do it .... blush

A steep path led to Devil's Lake. So, as a real biker, I started thinking about going out. Above was a sign that is not recommended for bikes, which is not a ban, so I will definitely return to the lakes by bike ..:cheeky But I only started grunting with bliss when I saw this descent. Again, the board "not recommended by bike". So many rocks and potholes are just not visible and on such a long slope. Yummy - yummy ... Njn once a biker, still a biker .. devil

After a few bike races and 2-3 kilometers, we reach the Black Lake. I couldn't miss a photo of my group photographing the Black Lake. wink

However, David picked me up as a big dog with a small one and took a picture of me taking pictures of them, which was audacity ... indecisionsmiley

But then I played it in a draw and I took us together And yes, in the background is the Black Lake ... indecision

And now the promised photo of a duck that amazed us. Behind the food, she jumped out of the water like a crocodile cool. Interestingly, if it was horizontal, it would look exactly like a duck on a baking tray. I don't know why it occurred to me then. I was just hungry. angel

And what about this one, that it's also edible?  devil


From Šumava lakes back to Železná Ruda

On the way back, only forest asphalt was waiting for us. My unspoken question of why there are so many people in the middle of Šumava was answered. Some people don't want to walk or bike, so they will be taken by train. Certainly me too, but not when I was 10 or 30 (like 90% of passengers), but when I was 70 + ... cheeky

The last kilometers were hard to come by. Kája kept asking when we would have food. I gave her a fit bar, but David didn't like her walking speed, so he tried to motivate her during cheeky. And he used just that stick as bait. However, Kája is faster than David when it comes to food and she finally caught the stick back ... cool

The group somehow ran. I bounced back, but their pace was murderous. So I had to run. My gesture spoke for me. smiley.. I don't show fakaks, don't worry. These are just erect intermediaries, which in international language means: "Guten tag vole". cool Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. angel

Finally we arrive to Špičák and we have food. The girls had something I don't like, so I didn't take a picture ... cheeky But look at my food. They didn't have a duck, so at least I had a chicken fillet. smiley


After the meal we will go through another kilo or two and we will be in Železná Ruda again. I can't complain about my first hike in years. Šumava is great. I expected to meet some wild wolves or wild boars. But we were lucky and we didn't meet anyone devil. Only wild ducks and feral children under 15 on electric scooters. indecisionsmiley

This trip is suitable for hikers - beginners (like me) or for families with children. However, there is much more to see in Šumava. If you would like to take the same route + something extra, I also enclose accommodation options directly in Železná Ruda.


Tips for accommodation - Železná Ruda








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