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Summer Memories - Dessinkosaurus Rex - Unknown Water Lizard Observed in South Bohemia

We managed an incredible photo catch in South Bohemia. A hitherto unknown water lizard was observed and even photographed in Ratmírovský rybník. After a difficult examination of photographs and comparisons, it was determined as a hitherto unknown species called Dessinkosaurus Rex, mainly according to the shape of the skull and the typical red color.

Fishing the dam Vranov

You can try one of the best fishing grounds. Every year there are caught huge catches of catfish, carp, eel and carp. Come and enjoy the royal catches!

Location Zrůbek - Vltava district

The Zrůbek locality is a popular place for fishermen, the 401 022 Vltava district (Slapy valley reservoir) is known for the occurrence of grass carp, zander, carp, perch, catfish, pike and eel, as well as the trout district 413 002 Brzina 1. on the spot. There is a freezer for storage of catches.