A trip to Čerťák

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Not only beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, you will find interesting places for a trip. Even untouched huts can be found in the tourist region, often overlooked by the Ústí nad Labem Region. On the border of the Bohemian Central Mountains, in Pnětluky on Lounsk, you can literally and literally hit the Devil's Stone while walking through the forest. Simply Certak, we all told him throughout his childhood, which did not change even in adulthood. And, of course, he will especially like your little children. Because he may seem somewhat inappropriately in his place, the question of where he was at this place is being offered. And the explanation is easy and it has been translated since time immemorial.

In Netluka, as Pnatloks were really named for many hundreds of years ago, there was little water and had to go to the big well in the village. But there were quarrels, because rich housewives said they did not have to wait and they could take the water right now, and of course they did not like it. Often, from the very early morning, the voices of brazen women ran across the village.

No one knew what to do with the decision of the wise women. So none of the people. In hell they saw it differently. Lucifer decided to intervene. He called the young devil to himself, who had an important job. During the night, he had to bring a big stone to Netluk, which he had to sink the well. For the young devil, it was his first task in the land of people. He was impatient, and almost ignored Lucifer's consistent warning that he must carry the stone until the rooster stumbled three times in the morning.

The young devil was trying, picking up a really big stone, putting it on his back and flying over the night to accomplish his task. He overestimated a bit, so he had to rest several times. It also did not happen that he would start to dawn early in the summer.

The devil was already approaching his goal when the cock crowed for the first time. That was above the Pravda Castle. The devil accelerated and approached Netluka. The rooster stumbled for the second time. It was just the devil that flew through the Stone Valley, and in the distance he saw the first roof in the village. He stood up because he believed he could accomplish the task.

But the cock, the cock crowed for the third time, the straps with which the stone mounted on its back was broken, the stone fell to the ground, and the rays of the sun rays that had appeared in the sky took the last remnants of power. There was only a big stone on the spot and sulfur smoke after the devil.

The women who had been arguing again at dawn near the well had heard a big blow in the woods and saw a cloud of smoke. Then, after several brave men from the village went into the woods to see what had happened, they brought the message to the village. Everyone was happy that the devil did not reach where he was headed. And since then, no one has quarreled about water.

You can tell this tale to children on the way to Devil's Stone. And if you could not find the way, you just have to ask in the Pneumatics. Everyone will tell you where to go to Čerťák.



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Bohunka (unregistered) 5. December 2018 - 12: 43

Great reading

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