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This year's tips for camps for children - summer vacation as it should be

Where to go to the camp with children this year? This is the dilemma most of us are dealing with every year. Go to a favorite and verified camp or try something new? A few tips for proven camping sites will help in making a decision. You can inspire camps from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So pick if they don't have everything already occupied.

Where to organize a summer camp or a school trip

Schools in the Nature - Source Ondrášův Dvůr

If you have not decided this year, where you would like to organize a school trip or a summer camp, here are some interesting tips about recreation centers and camps from the Czech Republic that are suitable for organizing activities for children and schools with accommodation. We chose for you several camps that have several years of experience with organizing just such events.

Bike Cycle Cheb - Karlovy Vary

Bike Cycle Cheb - K.Vary with children

Bicycle with children. We started in Cheb and finished in Karlovy Vary. The length of the route was about 50 km. Our little Bikeers did it quite well. The bike trip ran from 25.7 to 26.7.2012. We traveled along the Ohře cycling trail - 6, which is a well-known cycling trail.


How to choose a baby sleeping bag?

Baby sleeping bag Hannah

If you are planning to spend a holiday with your children on a tent or in a cottage or bungalow, you will definitely take your own sleeping bag. But have your sleeping bag and your children? Get him his own travel "blanket" so he does not have to shudder about the holidays on vacation, the cottage, the schoolgirl in the nature, or the scout camp.