From Janské lázně to Černá hora

We chose Černá hora as another destination for a half-day trip from Janské Lázně. Since we still had kilometers on our feet from the descent from Sněžka, we decided that it would be enough for us to cover less than two kilometers on foot from the spa colonnade to the boarding station of the Montenegrin Express. This is the name of the cable car that goes to the top of Montenegro. Due to the season, ie the middle of May, when the winter season is no longer, but it is still a long way to the summer, passengers could count on the fingers of one hand. And in the 8-seater cabin we went alone.

Montenegro is 1299 tall and has a television transmitter on top of it. Our first steps led to the Panorama lookout tower. If you decide to climb 106 steps, you will reach a viewing platform at a height of 21 meters. The weather was nice, so we had a beautiful view in all directions. Also worth a visit is the Montenegrin peat bog, which is the largest forest-type peat bog in the Giant Mountains. The greatest depth of the peat bog is 2,5 meters. An educational trail with information panels was built here, which leads from the cable car station to Pardubické boudy. Cyclists are not allowed on it. However, it is open from June to October. So we were unlucky in May…

So we have at least passed the neighborhood, so hotel Černá bouda and Horský hotel, ie places that are designed to accommodate hiking, skiing and cycling enthusiasts, including paragliders and hang gliders, who are also very popular with Montenegro for their adrenaline activities. The 1st Krkonoše educational cycling trail with a length of 16 kilometers was also open for cyclists. were even more surprised by the view of Sokolská bouda, which was built in 1929 and was and still is still one of the largest log cabins in the Czech Republic. After 1989, it was returned to the Falcons, then the owners changed several times, and because they could not compete with prosperous and more modern accommodation, it began to decay unstoppably. I don't know if on my own or with someone's help, but at first glance it is obvious that it is difficult to save. The battered windows, planks, the ubiquitous sticking out pieces of wood and eternity that beat the cottage in the XNUMXs to protect against inclement weather, just a sad sight.


When I was subsequently interested in who is currently the owner, I found information on the Internet that Sokolská bouda is owned by a Prague developer who plans to build a new hotel in its place. So, who knows how everything will turn out. After a few kilometers walk around, we returned to the cable car and went back to Janske Lazne. The trip was nice, but in the summer, when the nature trail is open through the Montenegrin peat bog, it would probably be even more interesting.






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Panther 20. December 2018 - 20: 33

Mrs. Judith is interested in articles that are well read .. Just keep on ..

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Judith 20. December 2018 - 20: 45

Thank you, but yours too :-)

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Panther 20. December 2018 - 20: 58

Well, here I read the articles of a traveler like you and I write where else I have to look at ..)

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