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By bike to the camp Keramika - Hracholusky

The daughter went to camp and my wife and I are wondering what we will do on the weekend. As a good biker, I suggest a bike ride. In the meantime, I find out that in the Keramika camp in Hracholusky, one cottage was accidentally vacated, so we don't hesitate for a long time ... Scheduled departure on Friday ...

Win a functional shirt for bike and hiking - Sensor

The summer is over, but we still want to go hiking or cycling. Warmer clothing is a matter of course. That's why we agreed with partner to create a competition where you can win men's and women's functional T-shirts, which the company produces under the well-known brand Sensor ..

Test drives in Pilsen - E Bike Greaser

In March, 2019, I visited the Forbikes exhibition, where I tried the stylish Retro Bike "Greaser" and at the moment I was intrigued. They didn't move for two months and I bought it at the end. I made my first test drives in Pilsen.

Baavis - Tips for this year's event

Life is where people enjoy. Does the job go down and a new wrinkle appears on the forehead? It's time to slam the door and slam into your shoes. It's friday! Time to snort and leave all the worries far behind. Do you have a favorite place to go back to, or do you prefer to explore new parts of their culture?

Fun camping and camping - video

Spring is already in full swing and everybody starts again to attract camping - camping and holidays. Here's a video on "Camping" funny ads from around the world just for fun. Fun has to be .. cheeky

Competition for Vouchers at the camp near the Liptovská Mara Dam

And there is a long-promised March competition for Vouchers in Mara - Liptovsky Trnovec, which is right next to the Liptovská Mara Dam. The competition is again focused on visitors with their own tents, caravans and caravans. Evenings at Mara Camping can be enjoyed by grilling, roasting at the outbreak, weekend evening concerts, and party at the seafarer's buffet.

Camping competition for camping Dolce in the Giant Mountains

In February, we have prepared a competition for other camp sites (tents, caravans, caravans) in cooperation with Dolce Camp, which is located in the Trutnov district. This Krkonoše camp was the best camp for caravans in the "camp of the year 2018". That you have not visited this camp yet? It does not matter because now you can win Vouchers for camp sites ...

Voucher Competition for Karolina Camp - 3x camp site

Thanks to the high participation in various gift vouchers last year, we decided to create competitions this year, where it will be possible to obtain various vouchers and gift vouchers for campsites with their own tents, caravans and caravans. We start with the Karolina campsite, which you will find in western Bohemia right in the middle of the forest.

Voucher Competition for Karolina Camping

Camping Karolina - Voucher Competition

As part of the cooperation with the Karolina camp, which is located in the Bohemian Forest (Plzeňsko - Tachov District), we have prepared another interesting competition for you. This time, you will be able to compete for Vouchers (4ks) for accommodation in cabins "A" at Karolina Camping. Vouchers for 20% discount are valid from 1.05.2019 to 30.10.2019. We will select the four most funny posts.

Ceramics camp voucher competition - Christmas competition

Funny Holiday -

This is the end of the year and we have another unique contest for you that we all have a little fun. In the picture below, write a funny label: The theme is "holiday". Three of the most humorous of you will be rewarded with gift vouchers for accommodation in the renowned Keramika Camp, which lies directly at the Hracholusky dam in the Pilsen region. The competition will run on 31.12.2017

Concerts and events in 2017 camps

Camp Dolce - Dragon Boats

Do not know where to go for an event with children or a concert with your party? This year we bring you tips for 2017. In our tips you can find various events for children, band concerts with the possibility of accommodation in camps and recreation centers, which are among the best rated by you visitors.

Competition for vouchers for caravans and stans - Slovak camps

Camping Nižné Alums

Another of the 2017 competitions will be the promised prize competition for the best quality Slovak Camping. Compete for vouchers for caravans and for guests with their own tents. Gift vouchers to the competition were provided by Senec Slnečné Jazerá (West Slovakia) and Camping Belá - Nižné Kamence (Mala Fatra). You can pay vouchers for accommodation with own caravan or tent ...

Best joke or holiday experience

Jokes holiday

It's still just the beginning of the year and we've just prepared another unique contest for you that we all have a little fun. Surely every one of you knows a lot of good jokes about the subject accommodation, vacation, hiking, recreation. Another significant part of you has a lot of fun or comic holiday events that he can share with us and he can still get something.

Fun holiday complaints for guests

Accommodation and complaints

Surely it has sometimes happened to you that your holiday did not fit completely according to the ideas and eventually ended up with a complaint. Sometimes various agencies or touring companies encounter quite funny complaints. Here are some of them for fun.

How it was on vacation in Greece

Czech tourists on holiday abroad

Cecy Czech Tourist - video

We bring you a shared video under the title "Bulls of Czech tourists on vacation". Sure, if you can find or not these statements. It may inspire you to think about whether vacation and accommodation abroad is not exactly what we are most complaining about. Like when you are in Greece, do not expect that there will be Czech beer available. Or does your sand burn on your feet?

Zoo Dvur Kralove in the Giant Mountains

Dvur Kralove Zoo is one of the most famous and most beautiful zoos in the country. Located in the scenic foothills of the Giant Mountains and its diverse terrain completes the atmosphere of wild nature. Home here gained almost two and a half thousand animals that have their origin in foreign lands and in many continents. You will find the largest collection of African animals in Europe.