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Pavlásk's analysis - how it goes in Czech camps

If you are a fan of camping and camping and everything around it, then you just have to see this video. There is a lot of truth in that, but Pavlásek surrounded it so much that I didn't laugh so much in a whole year. :)). Video on the topic "Kokoti v kempu" not only for campers.

Another set of funny cycling moments

And here we have another set on the theme of fun photos and snapshots from the world of biking and cycling. It really worked this month and there is a lot of it. I think this is the most successful set for this year. Well, judge for yourself ... wink


Voucher competition with Top-armyshop

We have an autumn here and we are starting with the competition and it is competing in cooperation with the popular Outdoor store This company has been operating on the market for 10 years. In 2016, they also launched the Eshop, which is popular with both outdoor fans and fishermen, lovers of tourism and, last but not least, campers.

Bike fails, or cycling fun

Hey cyclists and bikers. Finally, I managed to collect enough photos and funny pictures about cycling so I wanted to share them with you. And it was hard work ...angel But at least I can see that I'm not the only one who fooling around on a bike.

Camping competition for camping Dolce in the Giant Mountains

For February, we have prepared a competition for you for other camping places (tents, caravans, motor homes) in cooperation with the Dolce camp, which is located in the Trutnov district. In the "Camp of the Year 2018" poll, this Krkonoše camp became the best camp for caravans. That you haven't visited this camp yet? Never mind, because right now you can win Vouchers for camping places ...


Children at camp - Camping Fails

Camping is supposed to be fun, but the biggest fun moments are often provided by our children. Here you can see a compilation of failures that children have arranged on various trips, on vacation, or directly during camping - camping. "Camping video" for fun and inspiration :).


Fun holiday fun

And we have the first series of entertainment pictures on holidays, camps, accommodations and experiences. So we took it for another end. Perhaps you will inspire us what to wear for your holiday or where to go, or you will learn about Feng Shui Kempech .. :-)

Voucher Competition for Karolina Camp - 3x camp site

Thanks to the high participation in various gift vouchers last year, we decided to create competitions this year, where it will be possible to obtain various vouchers and gift vouchers for campsites with their own tents, caravans and caravans. We start with the Karolina campsite, which you will find in western Bohemia right in the middle of the forest.

Funny holiday photos - camping, traveling

Surely we all agree that we can become a holidaymaker on vacation. Here you can see a couple of lucky people who have spent their misfortune for at least two years in advance + some other funny pictures of campsites. :)


Photo of the Croatian campsite directly from the operator

Top 5 fail on Camping and Outdoor

Top 5 fail on Camping and Outdoor

We bring you another interesting video. This time on the topic of "Camping & Outdoor". If something similar happened to you, or you know about an entertaining video, do not hesitate to send us a link or photos to Enter "photos, holiday video" in the subject line of the email


Voucher Competition for Karolina Camping

Camping Karolina - Voucher Competition

As part of the cooperation with the Karolina camp, which is located in the Bohemian Forest (Plzeňsko - Tachov District), we have prepared another interesting competition for you. This time, you will be able to compete for Vouchers (4ks) for accommodation in cabins "A" at Karolina Camping. Vouchers for 20% discount are valid from 1.05.2019 to 30.10.2019. We will select the four most funny posts.

Ceramics camp voucher competition - Christmas competition

Funny Holiday -

This is the end of the year and we have another unique contest for you that we all have a little fun. In the picture below, write a funny label: The theme is "holiday". Three of the most humorous of you will be rewarded with gift vouchers for accommodation in the renowned Keramika Camp, which lies directly at the Hracholusky dam in the Pilsen region. The competition will run on 31.12.2017