Funny photos from the holidays 2020 - camping, caravans and campsites


This season, there is no shortage of funny moments in campsites and caravan travels. Of course, we couldn't publish them all. So we will at least share what it was possible to publish wink. We will start with the Karolina camp from the Pilsen region ...


At the Karolina campsite there is no shortage of fun moments. Many of them were unintentionally prepared by the operator himself, Mr. Novotný .. :) Look at the king of the camp. It's a pity that the crown covers the name of the beer ... I'll tell you. It's Chodovar

Here is an expression of opinion on the survey ... I don't understand how the poster got there, there was probably no place. Now I am afraid to send Mr. Novotný a plaque from us from, because there is still room on the door of the ladies' toilet ... angel


Holiday in the Czech Republic - found 0 results ... about system error ... cheeky


Here is a photo of caravans alias botany on the go .. cheeky


They sent us this photo from caravan of the Košice campsite (eastern Slovakia), where a dog of guests from the local ram Dušan is talking ..cheeky It is said that they talked like this for half an hour and finally slept together in the corral ...surprise


Another photo from the camp Šikland - Vysočina... Well, I really wouldn't expect Mickey Mouse at the camp


We were "born" the most this year in the Keramika campsite, which lies directly at the Hracholusky dam .. Let's start with a photo of a dog that is smaller than a carp .. :) I would not even let such a dog into the water. I 'm afraid the carp will eat him ...cheeky

Cyclist caught riding on a children's bouncer and straight in the children's corner

One guest didn't bother and put it down .. :)) .. There was still media to comfort him .. cheeky

And here a smoker with a warning sign in his hand ... :))


And here's a retro ... caravaner who rides a horsepower .. :). It is a pity that he did not harness the wheels that hang on his ass behind the horses ..: D


Tvl, with a caravan for shopping. It's a deal... :-)


... and that would be all for today. If you have other funny or fun photos from the holiday, then upload them under the post, so we have something to talk about. Or just write which of the photos you liked the most yescoolcheeky.. (only registered users can add photos to comments)






Radim traktorista's picture
I work a tractor driver (unregistered) 3. August 2020 - 17: 17

I like the one with the guy on the children's bouncer xD the most

Panther's picture
Panther 3. August 2020 - 18: 46

Ouu dikes, it was me ... In the Ceramics camp after lunch I went to fool around a bit in the children's corner: -There was one more here :))

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