How to choose an inflatable boat?

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Here are some tips to choose the right inflatable craft for your active vacation. Inflatable boats and boats are a very popular tourist supplement because they are easy to transport and are storage.
Currently used materials allow these inflatable boats to be resilient enough to achieve unexpectedly good handling characteristics. The safety of inflatable boats, especially from Sevylor, is ensured by a larger number and sophisticated deployment of inflatable chambers. Sevylor's individual models are designed precisely for specific water activities and have all the details sculpted to perfection. All boats are tested according to the relevant standard which sets minimum safety requirements for the design of inflatable boats.

inflatable boatSevylor offers boats for fishermen, water tourists, and recreational models for summer family recreation. You can use these sport and recreational boats well with both kayak and canoe fists. For further cruises, ships with a comfortable seating are prepared. Great emphasis is also placed on the overall design of all models. These inflatable products can also be purchased with accessories such as paddles, oars, battery or battery chargers and other equipment.

Product category: Sports boats
River Vltava River- Inflatable models are designed especially for experienced and starting boaters. These boats must be able to withstand even the wild water, and therefore, the construction of top materials and the technology of joints. Convenience for the controls is provided by adjustable seats with backrests and footrests. For the use in waves and rapids, so-called drainage channels also work well. Due to easy folding, there is no problem with storage or transportation.

Tourist boats - these inflatable canoes and kayaks are designed for water tourism, which is very popular in our country. In particular, the emphasis is placed on the convenience of longer paddling. Therefore they have adjustable seats and backrests. Boats must also be loaded with boats. You do not have to worry about manipulating them. In the blown state, they enter the trunk of each car, and you do not have to own a shipyard or giant space during storage.

Recreational boats - This category is intended for beginners or families for relaxing recreation. They can be used on lakes or quiet rivers, but you can use them boldly along the coast. They are popular with ease of use, practicality and low cost. Some of these models are also fitted with a child seat.

Fishing boats - are solid, spacious and highly versatile models for fishing recreation or rides along the shores of calm water. They are designed especially for ponds, lakes and rivers. The classic shape of these boats ensures their great stability. All sevylor fishing boats are also adapted to connect an electric motor. Rotary havlins are prepared for the oars. The safety ropes are secured around the boat. These products are made of strong and durable PVC material, but are also extremely lightweight. Depending on their size, they have the appropriate number of seats and special accessories, such as rod holders, battery packs, and so on. A total of 5 separate air chambers is involved in sailing. The optimal inflation is indicated by the integrated gauge. All Savm fishing boats are connected to the Sbm18 electric motor, directly - without the need for additional accessories.


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