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I have had a fruitful weekend. On Friday we were in Vienna for the sixth Solar Circus. Amaluna was fantastic and I'd say it was the best circus ever I've seen. I love the circus and it certainly wasn't the last one we looked at. Leonard was on Sunshine for the first time, and he wasn't breathing in amazement at times. Perhaps she will have this passion for her father, although Veronica also likes the circus very much.

As the weather finally warmed up, I started to make adjustments with the help of my best friend Ducktape tape.

Mercedes has rails on the floor in which the seats or original table move. It is a handy thing, but it tends to collect all the mess from the whole car and consequently there is a problem with moving along these tracks. I'm not talking at all about this mess messing out of those rails badly vacuumed. I was wondering how to solve this problem, but I haven't thought of anything better than sticking the rails that I don't use with tape. Last year we did quite well and the tape survived the winter and snow with mud. Anyway, I replaced it with a new one so it will serve at least all summer. cheeky

When you are on the road, you sometimes need to dry some things while driving, and the best thing to do in this case is the washcloths stretched around the entire perimeter of the car. They are attached to my eye, which is used to attach bulkheads in the car. These lugs are bolted by two screws to the bodywork so that they can withstand heavy loads. Washcloth washcloth with wire inside is an ideal solution because it can be tiled and will not loosen over time. Moreover, it is shiny and things glide over it. wink


On this zinc I have attached a net in the back of the trunk that will serve as a storage space for sleeping bags. We haven't packed them up in the back of the trunk yet, but we didn't enjoy packing them first, secondly it would be better to ventilate on the net a little, and thirdly they wouldn't interfere with unfolding the bed, as it was when he came out over the trunk. cool

Sleep is also associated with the last supplement. In summer, it can be pretty warm at night by the sea. Nothing is worse than boiling in your own juice and not ventilate because mosquitoes fly out. So far, we have solved it with a net that was attached to the body with magnets. It's a convenient but not very safe solution. In addition, when there is no wind blowing, the air does not flow into your car. You are still messing around with the sunroof idea, but 500.- euros for used from Poland is quite a lot of money. surprise So I came up with the idea of ​​putting a board with two fans in the sliding side window. For the production of interior equipment I use aluminum-plastic boards. They worked very well in combination with aluminum Jakl. The board has the same thickness as the window and I have glued black glossy foil on it so as not to attract attention from a distance. Previously, I wrapped it around the ducktapom because I plan to leave it there for shorter movements so that it does not bang and just sit in the grooves under the window. I slide it up first, where there is about 4 cm of space and then slide down into the sliding window slot. I bent the board a little bit into an arc so that it would fit precisely and there would be no gaps through which a bloodthirsty visitor would arrive at night. I made two holes in the plate. From the outside, I riveted the dust nets (sold to the fans) into the computer cases. For me they have three advantages. First, no insects can get through it; secondly, no man can get through the fan blades without violence through it, and thirdly, because they are made of aluminum, they increase the cooling effect. The fans I used 12 cm extra quiet, plus the possibility of switching three speeds. At the slowest you can hardly hear them and at the highest they do quite decent draft. The manufacturer indicates that we will run one 0.2A at ​​full power and replace 140m3 / h. We will see what this means in practice. If that is not enough, there is room for two more. To connect them to the electricity I will use the connector, which is also on the laptop charger, mosquito lamp or other fan. I connect them either to the car plug or directly to the extension from the connector that I plan to install in the post behind the passenger. The connector will be the output of the controller to which the solar and secondary flashlight will be connected. This is what I expect next weekend. So far it has been connected only temporarily for testing. yes

Before the start of the season, besides the solar on the roof, there is also a daytime running light with manual shutdown and if I can get in touch with someone who can make the heater an independent heater, so do it. The sunroof is still in play. cheeky

If you are going to do something similar follow me and maybe you will avoid my mistakes. wink



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