In the middle of the forest - Pražáci in the camp Karolina

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Camping Karolina recommended to us a great place for a holiday with children (3 and 12 flight). We live in Prague, so after a busy school year we wanted to spend a week in the countryside, away from civilization, with mobile phones and laptops off, just enjoy each other. I am extremely grateful for the campsite tip and I am glad to pass it on, because I have to admit, after experience, that we could not really choose to do better. The description of the campsite services would be a special article, but it is enough to summarize that we simply had everything we needed.

Before I was vacationing, I honestly worried about the accommodation at such a remote place (and unavailable shops), yet with a little child, one never knows. But in the end we did not need anything that we did not do at the reception, and we did not stop at the store just once when we decided to take the children on a trip to Bohemian Marianske Lazne.

How to stay

At Karolina camp we could accommodate both a tent and a caravan. We have everything, that would not be a problem. But from the worries about the comfort of our younger son, we chose the news - apartments, so although we spent the holiday at the campsite, the comfort we had in the hotel. But I have to admit that despite the fact that we were very satisfied with the quality of the accommodation (and especially the summer terrace), I see its fears as redundant, and next time we probably lodge in the cabins. I had a chance to look around and it's not about Spartan camp accommodation, but about comfortable and well-thoughtfully furnished little houses where one has everything he needs. Plus, I have to admit they have a magical atmosphere! :-)

Excursions around the camp

About a couple of days we started out on hiking trips around the area, but we chose the August term for which the hottest weather came, and we stayed for a few days in the camp. And, of course, we appreciated the swimming pool :-) Overall, the facilities were very pleasant, the children went to "zip line", trampolines and in the afternoon, we played games in the afternoon and of course ended with a bonfire. We cooked our meals in part, but several times we took the opportunity to eat in the restaurant and I think everybody will choose from the menu (tried and tested by our two children).

The landscape in the vicinity of the campsite has a lovely, wild character, and its special, intact beauty attracts tourists, tramps and artists. The camp is built on the site of a defunct 19 factory. century, and as lovers of history and mystery, we have gradually discovered with children the traces of the famous industrial past. After all, the refreshment reception itself is located in an impressively restored original building with a bell tower, in places where former workers have reported coming to work. less civilization the man in the neighborhood camp Karolina it meets the more magical nature and the more picturesque scenery encompasses it during walks and trips. The valley of Hamerský brook, flowing in the Mže River, is lined with rugged banks, romantic rocks, deep forests and blooming meadows.

Everyone can choose from what perspective they want to perceive their beauty. Excursions around the area were praised by tourists, cyclists and bikers, and, when conditions are right, water boats can also enjoy it. Our children were thrilled by the many easy and safe corners of the tall rocks, and the opportunity to cool off on hot days in the clear waters of the Hamerský brook.

From our excursion destinations in the wider neighborhood we were only able to visit Marianske Lazne and Bečov, and we can both recommend families with children. In Mariánky we went through a cable car, visited a park of miniatures of Czech monuments, passed a hiking trail around the deer field and ended the trip with a wafer at Singing Fountain. At Bečov, of course, we could not miss the castle and the chateau with the renowned reliquary of St. Maura. But the children enjoyed the most of the visit to the local Botanical Gardens, where the elder daughter first competed in a training ferret, and a three-year-old son was enthusiastic about the various playgrounds and nooks adapted for the smallest ones.

Next time we want to include trips to the castles of Loket and Gutštejn, and a monastery in Teplé, where according to available information, nice program and attractions for children of all ages. And until the younger son grows up, we will definitely try bathing in Pavlovice Quarry, far from Karolina Dolina, just a few kilometers. But we still have a safe swimming pool right in the camp.

Rating camping holiday

If I have to summarize my review, I simply do not have anything to say. The owners are friendly, caring and willing, and they see that they really "live" for the satisfaction of their guests. Camping is, in my opinion, above average, and we were satisfied with the cleanliness. The holiday overall exceeded our expectations and we will definitely come back here. Not only because it turned out to be a little week and we did not end up with a lot of plans. But mainly because our whole family really enjoyed our stay. And the older daughter was not excited at first from the idea of ​​a holiday in nature, but in the end, her cell phone and computer were not missing :-)

We would like to thank the staff and the owners for a beautiful holiday, and we definitely recommend Camping Karolina!


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Panther's picture
Panther 30. January 2019 - 19: 17

I would add to this .. From the camp is Tesco distant about 4-5 km .. We were there for 10 minutes. So camp in the middle of the forest, but when the daughter got a taste for chocolate, we went on a bike. Combining pleasant with useful. We bought bulls and we went on bicycles through mountain trails with great scenery .. :-D

Camping Karolina - Tesco route map

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