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We learned about Karolina campfire from the internet, where we were informed that this camp was awarded by Nova a silver star for recreational accommodation and services. The camp is dedicated mainly to families with children, what we are, so we wanted to try ... The campsite was nice, we had a ton of experience. From sports activities such as ping-pong, cycling to mushroom picking. Unfortunately, we visited the camp at the end of August, when temperatures were at the 20-22 level, so the pool had to be omitted. When I think I was afraid of what I would do in the camp for 7 days, I find it ridiculous now that we finally spent 9 days and we did not get to watch the cultural monuments around.

Upon arrival, the owner of the camp Karolina Vláďa Novotný did not forget to inform us that his café was the best one - far, so we had to try it. He was, of course, right even though I had to reject what he meant far away. Whether 100 km or just the nearest pub. laugh. In the end, I have been drinking his kafé for the duration of his stay if not 20, not even one, but the discussion of the term widespread ran very far to the last day of our stay. devil

Cycling around the camp & sports

Our family and, in particular, my cycling activities started by going to Tesco, which is just a few miles from the campsite. As the campsite is practically in the woods, Tesca's location is advantageous. Of course, I traveled most of the way through the forest paths, so when I missed the fact that I almost collapsed with a deer and a dick one way, the riding was fine. Then we also visited the surrounding woods and flooded quarries. Nature in the surroundings is truly excellent. Among other things, it is also possible to "sport" in the campsite. We only managed to play Ping-pong and a little football. We did not have time for volleyball, bandbington etc. crying. Here I attach a photo of a flooded quarry ..

Fishing and mushroom picking around Karolina camp

As for the mushrooms, they were blessed around the camp. We are certainly not a mushroom, so we have to confine ourselves to the cranberries and cossacks we know. Later, I learned that we unknowingly omitted the bedle or mushrooms. Who should know what they look like in the woods? indecision. In the hypermarket they look different blush. The next season when we visit the camp, we will be aware of the mushroom picker and home with a much bigger catch.

We did not think of fishing at all, because we did not know that the neighboring Jirka, who came to the camp with a caravan and with fishing equipment, was able to fish around the camp. The fisherman will be interested in having a pond named Kayetan nearby where it is possible to buy an allowance. The fish you find here are eg pike, trout, carp and others that I forgot names ... :-) Anyway, Vláďa the owner of the campsite will provide you with all the necessary information about fishing ..

Activities for children and a playground in the camp

Before I visited the camp I was afraid that although everywhere they wrote that Karolina camp is focused on families with childrenso that our daughter will be annoyed either because she will still be bored and we will have her for the whole holiday on my neck. She is blessed with her and her children's attractions. There are slides, swings, "tools" for ball games, funiculars, and so on, so that every morning her daughter ate breakfast and then broke wink. On the contrary, the problem was to get her to lunch or dinner. And that's how it lasts for nine days ... The advantage of the campsite is that even though it has the capacity over 100 accommodation beds + areas for caravans, caravans and tents, some kind of child we were still in sight and seeing what he is doing. Almost all families also came with children, so they all played together ..

The overall impression of the campsite is very positive. The staff is willing to meet. Specifically, I still had some "queries". When I wanted to grill, they borrowed my grill when they cooled for two days, lent me an electric heater. Even more demanding guests, like myself, can handle the camp, so other guests will find it in paradise.yes. The owner of the camp Vláďa gave me a brief briefing on the natural monuments and other cycling paths we unfortunately did not manage to visit. That's why to camp Karolina, which is located in Planá (Pilsen region / Western Bohemia), we will definitely return next season.


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