Kempervanem to Liptov - a pack in the wild


Four days off have come and no one will keep us at home anymore. We went where the senseless Covid measures allow us to. Our pack, which last year passed through the whole of Slovakia and grew to include a French Renault Trafic polish with a lifting roof. The circle has closed and the number of children has been added, so they are happier again. cheeky


First day we started in Liptovský Sliače, where we first went through a rally route, which is run here, and then parked for the night at Sliačanská travertines. It is a beautiful place at the end of the village, where Medokýš springs. After parking in a circle, we went for a walk to the tree house, which can be seen from a distance. We also met the hosts with a horse that the children could pet. The walk was a short approx. 3 km, so we declared a football match in order to get the kids tired. We tired of the parents as they should be, of course not the children. devil We made a fire in the evening and grilled some meat because it was Good Friday. More precisely, we smoked meat, because the wood we found was wet.cheeky

Dwelling in Liptov - Slovakia

Second day in the morning we woke up with snow and starting rain. We had breakfast and set off in the direction of Bešeňová. Along the way, we stopped at Kozí vrch to add some food. We caught Kešky by the travertine rock above Bešeňová and set off upwards. The road here is very steep and really broken in the forest. Our "California" came out there, but it was raining and the French polishes were slipping a lot. Too bad there is a beautiful place here with a magic tree. We turned it around and had to go to Kalamien on the asphalt. Such boredom. In Kalameny, the men and children ran straight to the thermal lake, and after bathing in the falling snow, we went for a walk towards the Liptov Castle. The road was muddy and we looked like wild pigs, so we preferred to give it up, saying that if the weather is better tomorrow, we will try again. In the evening again a toaster by the cars and subsequent drying of towels by the fire .. cheeky



Further camping in the wild and meeting with the police

After another cold night, the crew had enough polish. The rest of us have independent heating, but car modifications are still awaiting. I managed to repair the gas heater I lent them, but at night the temperatures were below zero. In the end, they decided that they were still on their way with us, and in the evening they would see if they would still sleep or go home. In the morning it was dry, which did not discourage our children and they went to the lake, this time alone. After breakfast, we headed across Lúčky, where we stopped at a waterfall. The road continued through a beautiful landscape to Osádka na Oravě. Along the way, we refilled the water in a well by the road. Here we turned it towards Malatina and regretted that everything was muddy after the rain. There are beautiful places to sleep. This time we walked on the way to Liptovská Mare and anchored at the church. The Mara Dam was properly drained, but Michal and Ivan went swimming anyway. We had lunch and set off towards the Celtic homestead Havránok. Majo used to be a guide here, so we had an explanation. It is a very nice place and the views are worth it. An unpleasant wind was blowing at the Mara Dam, which drove us out of this place. We decided to go to sleep in Vlkolínec. Here we looked at the sunset in the meadow and the children found other caches near the church. Subsequently, a domestic hunter drove us out of here. It drives me crazy when someone acts as if the world belongs to them. We stood on city land. I pay taxes to the city and the state and I can't even sleep with children in nature. Where does this crazy world go? I remembered that a friend has a plot of land near Liptovská osada in a nice place. I wrote him if we could sleep there. No problem guys, there was an answer. The children saw UFOs in the sky in the evening, so they fell asleep full of experiences. wink At night, the police knocked on our door that what we were doing here. They behaved very well and we explained to them politely that we had an elected landowner and I showed them the sms that I exchanged with him. We talked for a while about how we took the children at least a little to the air, when everything was already closed and thanked them for watching over us. They said good night and left. This is how I imagine the work of the police.yes

The night was rainy, minus 7 degrees. We were curious in the morning how the Renault crew survived the night and they thought it was cool today. So I don't know, they probably broke the thermostats in their bodies, because tonight I also felt cold and I have independent heating. blush After breakfast, we set off for a nearby view from which there is a beautiful view of the entire Liptov settlement. After returning to the cars, the crew of the French polish farewell to us and set off home. They fit perfectly into our game and it was definitely not the last journey together. Our "expedition" continued to Ferrate Two Towers, which the children surrounded us, because it is a real hill. angel The girls have cooked lunch for now.

Liptovská osada - view point

We moved to the Hlavačka valley for coffee, where we met a very nice hunter who told the children a few experiences about what animals live here and how to treat them. This is how I imagine a man who takes care of nature and not the one who threw us out of the meadow above Vlkolínec. Tribute it's still about people. After coffee, we said goodbye and went home. We experienced quite a lot in four days and the children asked when we were going again, so the purpose of the trip was fulfilled ...winkheart






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