Skiing in the German Alps - Pfronten im Allgäu

When it comes to skiing in Germany, many people imagine Garmisch - Partenkirchen, Berchtesgaden or Oberstdorf. This year, however, we have chosen a resort that is a bit unjustly out of the interest of Czech tourists. It is located in southwestern Germany in Bavaria in the Allgäu region. It is known for its monuments (eg Neuschwanstein Castle) or lakes (Forggensee), but few people know that you can ski here. We set off from Karlovy Vary towards Munich and a short distance before this Bavarian metropolis we turn onto the motorway in the direction of Lindau. This is quite an advantage, because we avoid regular traffic jams near Munich. These are becoming a nightmare for all who go to Austria. From us from western Bohemia, it is to our destination, the town of Pfronten, about 420 Km. This can be done in a smooth ride in 4,5-5 hours. Just the ideal driving distance for a trip with children who still ask “will I be there? ”

Allgäu AlpsBefore the town of Kempten, we exit the motorway south towards Marktoktoberdorf and continue along the regional road closer to the mountains. The weather is wonderful and the visibility is great, so after a while we can see the first alpine peaks on the horizon. It is unbelievable that the wall of the Allgäu Alps and the foothills of the Tannheimer Berge suddenly grow from an almost complete plain. However, the plane is only apparent, which we know from the fact that the snow in the surrounding fields still abounds. Our destination lies at an altitude of almost 900 m above sea level and after arriving in Pfronten there are piles of snow everywhere. The perfect winter idyll is completed by a clear sky and peaks rising directly above the city. After a while, according to the navigation, we find accommodation that we have booked as usual via booking. It is a large apartment house Allgäuer Apartmenthauswhere we have the 40 m apartment overlooking the Breitenberg mountain massif. The summit of this ridge reaches almost 1900 mum, but it has an already alpine rocky character. Above me, another significant mountain of this region, nearly two thousand Aggenstein with its terrible rocky walls and a short distance to the vast Brentenjoch, turns off.

And among these giants there is the ski center Skizentrum Breitenberg, which we are going to take the next day. But after proper relaxation. We arrived at 15.00, so it's too late for skiing, but time is still enough for other activities. The small town of Pfronten, which has only approx. 8,5 thousands of inhabitants, but entertainment offers plenty. We looked Alpenbad Pfronten which is a swimming center just off our apartment. It has an indoor pool, a children's paddling pool and an outdoor pool. It literally blows our breath. The water in it is warm almost like a whirlpool, and the best of it is the view of the sunset over the mountains. And a little advice for all who will live in this area - if you show the so-called Gastekarte (guest card) when you enter the pool you will get another discount. 3 clocks for 4 members of the 15 EUR family. 

Skicentrum PfrontenThe next day we go skiing to Breitenberg. The valley station of the cable car is at the other end of the city, so it is necessary to drive. We do not have much time to get up early, so we buy a family ski pass for afternoon skiing. This is valid from 12-16: 00. We are surprised to find out that for the same, if not higher, price we would have been skiing in the Ore Mountains on Plešivec. Here, they are also a cheerful cashier and the surrounding mountain backdrop is also wonderful. The Breitenberg Skizentrum is not designed for those looking for resorts with hundreds of kilometers of connected slopes. It is a great choice for those who are looking for slopes for more sophisticated children and enjoy half-empty trails. We are on the top station of the cabin, at the height of 1500 mum and we are on a sunny skiing paradise. There are 14 km of slopes that look perfect even after noon, and now they are almost empty in the week. Here, it is important to note that for less able children, it is better to choose a smaller resort in the valley (for example Skizentum Pfronten, Nesselwang, etc.) because the slopes are red and therefore steeper than the beginner would like. Upon leaving the cabin, we head straight to the four-seater, which exported us to the highest point of the entire campus, amounting to approx. 1700 mum Snow are piles everywhere, this winter was really generous. From here, a magnificent view opens not only to the terrible walls of Aggenstein, but also to the opposite valley of the Tannheimer Tal with the endless band of the Allgäu Alps, dominated by the Hochvogel pyramid. 

From the upper station of the chair you can go a short distance to a small children's lift, where is probably the only skiing option for complete beginners. The red pistes continue to the Mittaglift anchor lift and a little further on you can continue to the next Aggensteinlift anchor. Unfortunately, it is closed today due to the avalanche danger. However, the magnificent 6 km descent to the valley that leads around it is open. We liked him the most with the children. The forest road it leads to is perfectly groomed and except for one place where you have to tread about 100 m, the ride is very fast. It's not the kind of classic blue connector where you have to keep punching yourself so you don't stop. Winding serpentines leading under the cable car bring a experience similar to skicross, and if you drive properly, you will reach the valley station or the parking lot.

Another possibility of winter fun, which we are looking for in the Alps, is toboggan run. Although they are beginning to appear in our mountains, they have a different level. That is why we are going to sled the next day. Below, we buy an afternoon pass and because one sleigh is missing, we borrow it for 10 EUR per day. A short walk from the four-seater begins a runway on which we and the adults turn out to be the young children. The journey is done and even if you are driving fast, 30-40 minutes will take you. On the way, it's good to keep an eye out for the skiers who head for her on the Ostlerhutte mountain hut. It is good to take a ski helmet at least for children, for better safety. The Breitenberg tobogganing stops at the parking lot in the opposite valley, and from the start it's about 300 m to the bus stop. This one climbs between the lower station of the cable car and this stop and takes you back every hour.

Summum summery, the town of Pfronten has enchanted us with a relaxed atmosphere, sports activities other than skiing, but also favorable prices and relaxed people.

For more information on skiing, visit the site Breitenbergbahn

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