Where to mushroom - mushrooming

Weekend mushrooming - Úněšov, Spálený les

My wife Misha wanted to pull me up a month ago. We tried to search around the outlook tower Krkavec. However, it is a forest part, which is just teeming with people. The chances of success were scarce and the quality of the mushrooms found corresponded to it, just a disaster. That's why I decided to find another location. Mushroomers do not want to disclose their places, so I tried it myself.

Mushrooming with accommodation

If you are a passionate mushroom picker and every time you visit your favorite accommodation, you are immediately looking for an opportunity to mushroom, these tips for campsites with the possibility of mushroom picking are just for you. Today we will provide you with a few interesting ideas where to spend an ideal holiday just for you - for mushroom pickers.

Go to mushrooms in Český Krumlov surroundings

mushroom picking around Kaplice - Penzion Samota

In Omlenice surroundings there are beautiful walks in the woods, but also a lot of mushrooms. You can find here mushrooms, quartz, cossacks, droughts, foxes. From your "catch", you can cook delicious South Bohemian soup, sauce or mushrooms with dry or freeze