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A tip for a walking trip - a hike through the Brdy Protected Landscape Area

Martin and I have one thing in common. Our girls like to ride a bike, but they don't despise other outdoor activities either. In order to preserve the decor, we arrange a walking trip. Now straight to the Brdy Protected Landscape Area with a great destination, namely the TOK signpost with an altitude of 865 meters. Even now, as I write about it, my legs hurt, but what else. We have to snatch. The girls slapped their bikes last week.

Bikers in Germany in Šumava - Bavarian Forest and Falkenstein National Park

Everything I made up about cycling activities came out this week. That's why I wanted to use the wool and finally ride the border bikes from the Czech Republic to Germany. As a destination I chose the German Šumava - Bavarian Forest National Park and a clear goal in it, namely Grosser Falkenstein with an altitude of 1315 m. However, I did not tell the girls that it will be "probably" only uphill.

For the first time on foot to Šumava via Čertovo and Černé jezero

When asked Míša if we would go on a hiking trip there and there, my answer was always: "Why would we walk on it? It will be faster on a bike" However, under the weight of her argument, I decided that the hiking trip would be nice. Understand the word argument, it inflated me so much that I had no choice .. :)). In addition, buddy David is also a hiking enthusiast. So we just got together and drove.

Bike trip to the Ranšpurk nature reserve

I enjoyed a wonderful bike ride when I went from Břeclav to the Ranšpurk nature reserve, which is part of the beautiful floodplain forest near Lanžhot. I went to the Ranšpurk nature reserve from Břeclav, which is known for being an imaginary cycling gateway to the Lednice-Valtice area.

Autumn hiking trip to Krehor

The Hont region, which lies in the southern part of central Slovakia, offers many natural and cultural monuments. We are located in a seemingly inconspicuous southern part of the region, where there are less visited natural monuments, but perhaps more interesting for the wider area, because they are little "peeked" ..

A tour of Adršpach and the effects of drought in the landscape

Adršpach sandstone rocks are certainly one of the most beautiful Czech natural phenomena. So where else to go in the coronavirus period than to the beautiful nature, where a person has peace from people and can take off his veil. But I was wrong. Beautiful nature awaited us, but we did not find it empty there. We felt more like Václavák in terms of the number of people.

Where to go to Šumava, or Focusy on a trip

My friend David suggested to me if I want to go with him to the Bohemian Forest when I like the hills. I wonder why not, what kind of hills can be there. According to the route it looked simple .. The plan was a route that started in Železná Ruda, direction Poledník lookout and then to glacial lake Laka. But on the map it looks different than in real ..

Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

Part 3 .: The Rotunda saddle is surprisingly civilized. I blow my nose into the air so that I don't miss any smell of information about this place. We'll sleep here tonight. For me this information was rather disappointing, I was looking forward to a long hike. On the other hand, my bipeds will have enough time to retrieve them properly. Right now they are unpacking their backpacks under a small shelter to eat.

Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

Part 1: The journey begins - I set my ears impatiently, something's happening. For the fourth time, the lady flew through the kitchen to add a strange-looking backpack. He was almost as big as her and heavy, probably because she used a few indiscriminate words when trying to get him to the door. The boy was probably like that.

A trip to Čerťák

Not only outside the Czech Republic, interesting places for a trip await you. Even in the Ústí nad Labem region, which is often neglected by tourism, it is possible to discover unsuspected corners. On the border of the Bohemian Central Mountains, in Pnětluky in the Louny region, you can literally and figuratively come across Čertův kámen during your wanderings through the forest. Simply Devil, that's what we all called him throughout his childhood, which didn't change in adulthood either.

Cycling trail - Kokotské rybníky

Coconut Ponds

If you like cycling through the forest and discovering its secrets, you will surely be pleased that a new nature trail (NS) Kokotské rybníky has been created just a short distance from Pilsen. On the nine-kilometer circuit you will find 11 stops with boards and rest areas. It was this Saturday that it was opened with the participation of representatives of Pilsen and the municipalities that participated in its implementation.

Bulgaria holiday - why go to the Black Sea

Beautiful beaches in Bulgaria

The greatest attraction of this increasingly popular country of Eastern Europe is almost always the Black Sea. In the original freshwater lake, before the 7500 years, the salt Mediterranean sea flowed over the Bosphorus and flooded the half-timbered or sweet lake. It is primarily because of that Black Sea water almost sweet and oxygen only at the surface.

Discovering tours - Carpathian Rus


Do you want this year's holiday to be truly exceptional and you have a great deal of unconventional experience on it, did you find true cultures and traditions? If so, it's not an ideal choice for a ten-day holiday at a sandy beach on a desert island. By tugging on the beach, enjoy a great rest, but you can bring your burnt belly or back.

Trip to Black Mountain - hiking, biking, nature

Montenegro Janské Spa

Areál Černá hora - the center of summer and winter activities is located in the eastern Giant Mountains, in the spa town of Janské Lázně. Gondola lift (Černohorský expres), transport of bicycles, scooters, prams, rental of mountain bikes, scooters, bike-boards and stanley-riders at the lower station of the cable car. In case of favorable weather, you can visit the Panorama lookout tower on the top of Montenegro, from where you can see