At the weekend by bike - direction Hromnické jezírko and Horní Bříza


I accidentally managed to plan a nice route around Hromnický lake near Pilsen. I added a few extra kilometers to the route, so that this bike trip was worth it and Kája (daughter), who seemed a little busy .. :)) The weather was good. To motivate the girls, I promise at the beginning that at the end of the ride we will go for a bath .. :) The whole route can be downloaded here:


Via Třemošná, Česká Bříza and Hromnice

As a first tip, we can recommend a nice place to roast over Třemošná. I don't know about you, but I have enough fireplaces around Bolevák and co, because in addition to the brothel, I come across many people there, which would be nice if I went to the square. angry If you are interested in this place / fireplace and you do not know exactly how to find it, then write it in the comments and I will mark it better. Just please take the rubbish with you so that it doesn't look like Bolevák .. :)

We continue and give another shorter break on the outskirts of Hromnice at the football stadium. Unfortunately it was closed, so at least we used the vending machine for refreshments. We drink and continue to a smaller ascent in the direction of Hromnické jezírko .. cheeky


Pause at Hromnický lake

Even bikes are just people and need a break angel. We will stay at Hromnice Lake for a while to soak up the atmosphere heart. The first point was the information board, but the view from here is not much ... So we move on along the footpath. yes

From this place it was much better. I left (Captain Dad), in the middle daughter (Supergirl) and on the right cheeky Míša alias Harley Quinn .. coolwink

And our top photo here. I don't like heights, but at that moment I overcame But fart, I'm kidding. The photo was taken by Míša ... cheeky

On the way back, I couldn't forgive myself for a steeper descent cool. There, I no longer mind the "heights" and the possible risk of charging the mushroom. But girls aren't much for this. smileyWell, we just each have something. We are still a team .. wink


Around Býkov, Česká Bříza to Bolevák

We stopped for food in Býkov. The bicycle stands they had here, as always, were probably invented by a "non-cyclist". So we push the fables into the giant garden, it was assertively raised on us by the waiter's voice. A tone as if amused by his harant I was willing to cross. However, at one table sat the owner I suppose and when he answered my questions in the same way as the waiter, after a while we get up to put the food elsewhere. If you're not German and you're a passerby cyclist, then do not stop at all in the Býkov Chateau (probably a hotel), you are not welcome !! wink

We continue to Horní Bříza. Kája complains that she is hungry. So let's take a detour to "Sports bar on RůžkaIt sounds local, I know, but the owners are great and the prices even more so heart. In addition, you can have a great pizza here for affordable money. I definitely recommend .. wink


After a tasty meal, we set off and arrive for the last kilometers. A promise is a promise, so we will end the route at Bolevecký rybník. It's getting dark, so there's no animal around. Except for one boy who skated and was pulled by a dog. The same boy then went back, but this time he carried the dog on his hands ... and this is how it was repeated 3 more times ... cheeky


I think it's a nice tip for a fitness ride as well as for a bike trip with family and children. If you would like specific links to the fireplace or pubs that we visited along the way, write in the comments and we will do something about it. wink






Kolohnát's picture
Kolohnat (unregistered) 3. August 2021 - 11: 07

Hi. I would be interested in the fireplace at Třemošná. Can you send me a more accurate location?

Panther's picture
Panther 3. August 2021 - 11: 18

Cawko. Of course, here is a photo from the map, which is to be shared. I marked the circles with points where you will find a fireplace ..;)

Map of the Třemošná fireplace

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