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Hooray for Bezděz Castle! - a tip for a family trip to Liberec

As I wrote last time (well, it's been more than a year), when I mainly wake up to a terribly brilliant idea, my husband has no choice but to go on a more or less amazing trip with me. And last autumn, and I remember exactly that, because on the way to the castle we collected fallen nuts, so we went to Bezděz Castle. It was my first time, so I was full of expectations…

Caravan to France - sights and attractions

Getting started early in the Abbaye Saint Hilaire Abbey. If the cars are not in front of the gate, we believe it is abandoned here. The entrance is free again and the whole area can be scared until it freezes. Lacoste - the residence of the Markýza de Sade, an inaccessible castle and a nice little town with beautiful views of the countryside, the same tourist. Bonnieux - the absolute French countryside. We climb up to the church where there is a parc.

A trip to Cuba - paradise on earth?

The Czech summer was coming to an end and we were thinking about where to go for almost certain heat and sun. We were attacked by the Caribbean, even though September is the time when at least one hurricane will almost certainly sweep through the area. We took a risk and set off.

To Croatia for monuments

If you want to go to Croatia for sightseeing, visit the city of Dubrovnik. Thanks to the old town, Dubrovnik has a unique atmosphere. The contrast of the huge streets of Stradun, the narrow and winding streets with all-day strides and a walk through the medieval town will literally excite you. Take the opportunity to walk along the ramparts of long 2 kilometers, including towers and bastions.

History of the Croatian town of Zadar

Zadar is one of the oldest Croatian cities with a rich history that exceeds more than 3000 years. Over time, the city has several times been able to resist oppression from various quarters. In the 4th century BC, an Illyrian tribe called the Liburnians founded the settlement of Jader in the Zadar area. The original inhabitants were gradually displaced by the Greeks, who referred to the settlement as Idassa.

On holiday caravan?

Caravan in 3000 mum - OK caravans

Caravans of foreign tourists are mostly visible on Slovak roads. Somehow the locals have still not found out what positives the choice of this means of transport and hotel can have in one. At the same time ordinary caravan rental you can experience and save much more.

A wonderful summer holiday in the land of two wonders of the world

holiday in Turkey

The country of the two wonders of the world, as we could call it Turkey, is a country of many contrasts. The lion's share in this fact is that the country is spread over two continents, both European and Asian. The culture of the Orient is intertwined with European customs, which gives Turkey a certain specificity, which makes it very your favorite destination.

Timetables and prices of steam trains in 2013

In connection with the change of timetable of steam trains and planned changes in VAT rates will be from Tuesday, 1. January 2013 modified Preiselist and import of these trains. A fundamental change occurs in the section of Henry Hradec - Kamenice of Lipa, where the steam from the new season introduced daily traffic on weekdays.

In the footsteps of the Prussian artillery

The circuit is led halfway along marked cycling routes, partly along the tourist yellow route and finally along the unmarked route. The route is intended for beginner cyclists and families with children. In addition to climbing the Javornický ridge, children around the age of 10 should also be able to handle the route. In the beginning, due to the safety of children, the route runs around the Rosnička pond, behind which it crosses the 35st class road No. XNUMX.

Museum Trutnov - Paradise

The museum, which has a rich exhibition activities, attracting visitors especially exposure to the Battle of Trutnov 27.6. 1866. Exposure boasts many unique exhibits of weapons, equipment, many paintings and other historical documents that relate to a single battle in winning this war. Artifacts of material culture middle class and rural environment 17. - 20.

Henry Graz and surroundings

Jidnrichuv hradec

A little bit about the history of Town. The city of was founded in the mid 13. century, Henry I, who was the founder of the Lords of Hradec. In Henry's state visit Hradec Castle, which is one of the largest castles in the Czech Republic. It stands in the center between the river and a pond Nežárkou Vajgar.