Pension Maják - Lipno - reviews

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This year we went to Šumava, specifically to Lipno. Hiking is not our "field", we are more about bikes, but as they say, you have to try everything. We had a planned route that started in Lipno. At that moment, we did not know ourselves exactly where we were and so the accommodation was not a priority. Here we could choose from a lot of our camps, camps or boarding houses. So if we hurried to the choice of accommodation and did not look at the last minute. Then it may happen that our search takes more time than we wish. Or there is nothing more than just a night stay tent. In this case, this is not the case here, so we start looking around for a pension in the middle of the tour.

We wanted to be located as close as possible to Lipno Dam, but because we remembered late enough to find the accommodation, nothing left but to go "blind". Finally, we will end in pension Maják in Dolni Vltavica. Last minute accommodations and so we were grateful for each shelter. To our surprise, the trip led us into a very nice guesthouse. So shup-šup to accommodate, eat and chews. We slept well. With the expectation of a new day we are experiencing another surprise. The surrounding area was great that was not known in the evening. The weather was nice, the location of the pension was perfect because it is right next to the beach of Lipno water reservoir. The view of the dam was nice, so it took us a few steps and we could sunbathe and bathe;).

In the morning we also find that the pension is part of the Resort Relax, which tells us that there are a lot of services available here. Unfortunately, we did not come here because of this. Maybe next time...

Because we were on holiday in the summer, we did not use the wellness center, but I think it was wonderful during the winter holidays.

If I had to summarize accommodation in pension Maják, we were satisfied. The cleanliness of the rooms and the equipment. We were especially pleased that we were lucky enough to be careful and to plan more carefully the next time. We could also end up in IV. category, where the pension Maják certainly does not belong .. And so we go on another trip, but this time with the tourist map cool.



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