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TOP 20: Best campsites - user reviews

Despite the adversity of Covid and other circumstances, people were looking forward to the holidays, both in 2021 and in 2022, and another wave of evaluation of camps and recreation centers across the Czech Republic and Slovakia occurred. Nevertheless, we must mention that many campsites had a wild season, some were crowded and others recorded the least crowded camp in recent years.

This year's tips for camps for children - summer vacation as it should be

Where to go to the camp with children this year? This is the dilemma most of us are dealing with every year. Go to a favorite and verified camp or try something new? A few tips for proven camping sites will help in making a decision. You can inspire camps from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So pick if they don't have everything already occupied.

How was the camp in Leipzig - KNAUS Camping Leipzig

If you move near Leipzig in Saxony this year, you may find it useful to review this fairly large German campsite. The Leipzig Auensee campsite is about seven kilometers from the center of the Saxon cultural capital. The added value is that next to the camp is a large natural lake, which is called Auensee.


The whole area is surrounded by trees


Camping Strehla - camping at the swimming pool

Another campsite on my bike tour around the river Elbe was the Saxon campsite at the Nixenbad Strehla public swimming pool. This campsite provides accommodation in the form of campsites for your own tents, caravans and mobile homes, ideal for spring and summer. Camping Strehla is located in Saxony, Germany, directly on the River Elbe. A big bonus of this camp is its own pool and other water attractions associated with the pool - swimming pool.

Reviews of Greek camp in Chalkidiki - camping Armenistis

If you go to Greece with a tent or caravan and your destination is Chalkidiki, be sure not to miss its middle "finger". The Sithonia peninsula has captivated us with its beautiful greenery and crystal clear sea, which is why we often return here. We stayed on one such adventurous trip in the Armenistis campsite near Sarti and we bring our experiences and tips in a detailed review.

A dwelling across a Slovenian camp - Vintgar Gorge

For us who are heading for the sea, Slovenia is just a kind of transit in the sun to Croatia. But we must realize that Slovenia is a beautiful country full of beautiful lakes, caves, mountains and just about anything one could want for your vacation. Of course, it has a bit of the sea, but it is not yet used for recreation as in Croatia.

Reviews of the German campsite Bella Augusta - Bavaria

Another German camp I visited during my bike tours in Bavaria was the Bella Augusta camp, located near the city of Augsburg. Let's try to imagine it so that you have an idea whether you would visit this camp or not. The name of the camp suggests that Augspurk was in the past a Roman colony called Augusta Vindelicorum and was founded by the Roman emperor Augustus himself.

My experience with camping in Sázava

This year we managed to visit another Czech camp - a car camp by the river Sázava. Camp Sázava can be found in the village of the same name on Sázava Island, which is situated by the river Sázava. The camp is located in the picturesque surroundings of Central Posázaví and is an ideal place especially for paddlers who go down the river Sázava.

Evaluation of the Sedmihorky campsite in the Bohemian Paradise from the point of view of a caravanist

A trip to the Sedmihorky camp was our first major caravan trip for a few days. And it was also a trip, when we fully tried to level the caravan in a quite steep place. At the same time, we made a few trips around the area and enjoyed the rich program that the Sedmihorky camp offers. We were even so lucky that we arrived on day 60.

Our impressions of the campsite Lower Austria - Rax Park

At the end of August, we took a short trip to the beautiful hills around the Austrian towns of Gloggnitz and Semmering. There are not many campsites in the area, so we were glad to find a nice and cozy campsite Rax Park ´n´Camp, which is on the cadastre of Reichenau an der Rax in Lower Austria. Here are observations from our visit, which lasted three days.