Rating of the retro electric bike Greaser - Ekolo for trips to the city


I bought an e-bike more than a year ago. But I didn't want them to point a finger at me, and he was driving. It didn't happen to me with this Ekol because it's special. Everyone looks back at him, or when I stand somewhere, someone often stops and asks questions, both men and women. Lest not, I would do the same. The first year, I was glad that such an Ebike was nobody far and wide. Nowadays in the age of e-bikes I will be pleased when such specials as I have will ride around much more and that's why I decided to write a review on Greaser. I have a lot of rides on it, so why not .. yes


Ecolo just for image, or is there something more about it?


I never wanted an electric bike and I didn't even long for it. I'm just one of those people who thinks nothing about echoes. But when I saw Greaser, he captivated me. I thought, I have to have this. The salesman gave me one warning when taking over: Count on being the center of attention wherever you go. And he didn't. cheeky You just can't miss the bike like that .. cool


Practical use of Ekola

Yes, this Ebike is handsome, but it's not just for riding. It can be used on the way to work, arranging errands (my favorite activity), or just jumping for coffee or a drink angel. Besides, I took several trips on it, and that even beyond the range, which is 50 km. On the straights and down the hill, I just turned off the engine and drove to "inertia". You wouldn't believe how many miles you can save with this. yes


My trips to Ebajka Greaser


Other uses E-bikes


Just yesterday we wanted to go for a shorter ride and roast our sandwiches. Unfortunately, Our Kája is in convalescence with a knee that she had overloaded. But we wanted to go on a trip. So she sat on Greaser and there was no problem. wink


Technical properties and range


- Gears 1x7

Richly enough, the combination of gears and engine support is important

- 5 motor support speeds

- The maximum speed is determined by the EU, so 25 Km / h

However, I increased the top speed to 35 Km / h and it normally in the Greaser settings. If I drive in 3 gears around the city, I will not exceed 25 Km / h. But as soon as I hit the road, I throw 4th and 5th gear and get to 35 Km / h. The change is easy, but you need to use it wisely and not rush along the bike path in the city 35 Km / h, but only on the road !!! ..;)

- Wheel weight: 28 Kg

Which is the standard weight for city e-bikes

- Range 50 Km

Several factors play a role here: rider weight, use of support, terrain and other weather elements. As I mentioned, I drove up to 68 km on Greasra, but I used the inertia on the plains and hills and I switched off the engine. And that's how I kept working with Greaser. ;)


My tip: For maximum range, I recommend using mainly support speeds 2 and 3. wink


Videos - How to ride a retro fable Greaser


Test drive in Pilsen and around .. :)



Family trip. That's when I tried it without an engine. It worked, but it's not fun. It's just an e-bike with a weight of 28 Kg, so you have to treat it like that .. :)



Aaa..this ride was exactly for me. Route up to 50 km and the destination of the trip "by the water" and for lunch. What more can a biker wish .. :)



Final evaluation - Electric bike Greaser


If someone had asked me a year ago if I had recommended Greaser, my answer would be NO, but because I didn't want anyone else to ride around in such a unique way. cheeky. Then I reconsidered it and in the age of electric bicycles I would welcome other kites and dragons who would ride something similar and maybe we could give rides together.


Greaser - pros

  • comfortable sitting
  • unmistakable design
  • easy handling of shifting and engine support
  • easy maintenance
  • multipurpose use (trips, to the city, to work, for lunch, etc.)
  • decent purchase price approx. 2.600.- € (64.000.- CZK)


Greaser - cons

  • range of only 50 km (I'm already toying with the idea of ​​replacing the battery with a more powerful one)



If you have read the article to the end and Greaser has fascinated you just like me, then I have good news. They are currently in action and this handsome man can be purchased 600.- € cheaper.. wink

But only until stocks run out ..

More about Greaser on






Panther's picture
Panther 27. June 2022 - 12: 28

And my second TOP photo of Greas. Photographed on the pier at Bolevecké rybníky in Pilsen :)

Graveler X01's picture
Graveler X01 (unregistered) 20. June 2022 - 17: 47

I want this. I also saw other similar e-bikes, but they cost twice as much. This Greaser is for a good price. After the discount will cost under 2 50.-? Good jump, especially nowadays, when all bikes are getting more expensive :-)

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