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Are you going on your own under a tent or caravan to Greece this year? Maybe you would like a tip for a relaxing camp right by the sea in the area of ​​Chalkidiki on the Sithonia peninsula. I will write a separate article about the journey through Serbia and Macedonia, for example next time, now I will focus more on the description of the area and its surroundings and other possibilities. for campers and caravans. We chose it mainly because we know this area from previous trips and the beauty of the local nature and beautiful beaches absolutely captivated us. Camping Melissi is located on the east coast of Poseidon's middle trident, Sithonia. Finding it is not difficult at the time of Google maps and other navigations, but I will allow myself a few clarifications. You will find it only approx. 6 km behind the resort Sarti, which is a popular town among Czech tourists. Beyond the horizon in a left-turning bend, do not miss a small turn with an advertising banner and the narrow path between the gardens and wild prickly pears will lead you to the camp gate. We are in the Paralia area of ​​Sykias, and since "paralia" is a translated beach, it is clear that we may have right in front of us. A beautiful bay with a few kilometers of sandy beach is perhaps only 50 m from the camp gate accommodation is absolutely standard , as is the case in Greek camps. At the reception sits a nice guy who will ask you how big your tent or caravan ishow long you want to stay and will go with you to explore vacancies. And while the family slowly unpacks, you jump with the passports to write out housing papers and that's it. No prepayment, no other activities. Just Greece. Although it does not look like from the sea, the camp is really big and there was no problem finding a place there even in the full August season. And even if it fails, there is another campsite Pitsoni just behind the fence and around four kilometers around 10 km. Most of the plots in the area are covered in shade of olive trees or other deciduous trees. There is no terrace arrangement, all places are practically flat. We were pleasantly surprised by the land, where unlike other Balkan destinations, the pins went without problems. In front of the complex you will find plots for caravans and caravans, tents are more rear. There is a large parking area in the middle, so if you have the right place, you can still have some of the equipment in your car, close to the tent.

Sykia beach

Camping MelissiSocial background is sufficient and maintained. Of course, as usual, the biggest rush is at dusk and around XNUMX am in the morning, but the hot water was still flowing. Get ready for ordinary showers and toilets, no luxury, simply a clean standard that will not surprise campers. Very nice is a room for washing dishes, situated in a house with open walls. In fact, it is the openness of the environment that is why we search for campsites. You will get in touch with many people, make countless conversations and even friendships. Czechs are here only us and one biker. We have Greeks, Serbs, Germans, English as neighbors, and even if we see almost in the plate, we would not change.

Regarding shopping opportunities, this is limited in the bay, but not fundamentally. There is a well-stocked shop open around midnight right at the campsite. And if you don't get anything, you can head towards the mountains to Sykia or nearby Sarti. So far the whole bay is a bit of a big tourist trade, there are no hotels and attractions just gardens and few apartments. If you want fresh bread, just drive approx. 2km to the main road to a large bakery. If you want fresh vegetables and home-made wine or crayfish, you will find a local farmers' stall by the road. There are common freezers and refrigerators in the camp for food storage. But I would choose as an emergency option. Not that anything is lost to you, often someone rummages in them and constantly open freezing. The space around the fridge is the most frequented place for another reason. There is an antenna on Wi-fi, which is otherwise in the distant places of the camp quite weak, so there is a gathering of teenagers watching the blue screens. For the youngest children there are also a few swings and some jungle gym in the camp, a few erar grills for adults. These are widely used because they enter the area of ​​approx. 2 x week delivery that brings fresh fish and other seafood right in front of your tent. And those who do not have to cook the fish on their stove, or go to the tavern, which is about 20 m from the entrance to the camp.

And what to say in conclusion? Camping Melissi has just a few minor disadvantages. Some may mind that there is no ATM, which, however, solves card payments. Some would welcome the pool, which unnecessarily raises the price of accommodation and moreover, you have the most beautiful salt pool right in front of the gate. The only thing you have to count on is that you are on the east coast and the sun will hide behind the mountains a little earlier. And if you are looking for attractions, you can drive 5 km to the Skala Sykias wharf, where a wooden barge sails for cruises along the peninsula. Due to the fact that the whole area is located far enough from the main ring road, it is really quiet here and is also sought after by families with children. If you add an endless sandy beach overlooking the sacred Mount Athos, you will certainly come back again.

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