Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

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2 Part: The station was drowning in the fog. I rushed past the baggage-laden bench to attract at least one member of my family. Everyone was rolling on adjacent benches, refusing to play with me while it was time. Until now, I had to lie under the seats of the various trains we were traveling with. Every time I rejoiced to go out for a walk, they moved with me to the nearest lawn and then back to the grinding machine. The trip was really long. In addition, we are at noon, for the greatest heat, for three hours in the middle of the fields. Bipods called it borders, I bully animals. I admit the floor was probably better than them. And then we finally got off to the station where no other train was waiting. But we still hardened, I don't know why.

"How old is it?" Dita asked with half-closed eyes. It's time to throw me a stick! I immediately put my latest catch under her chin.

"Bess, give me a break," she growled at me. I leaned my head to one side and looked at her sadly.

"Okay, you annoying," she finally raised a piece of wood and hurled it to the other end of the concrete platform. I go after him. She stood on my feet before I returned. Wherever she goes, I'm coming with her. This time it was just a small room in the corner of the large hall, above which the neon sign BECLEAN PE SOMMES flashed (at least according to the owner's statement). Other members of the expedition were on their feet before we returned. He said he was going for a while. A little confused, I wandered between them hoping this time for the promised walk.

Nothing. Disappointed, I snuggled under the seat of another train. This one was especially fragrant and oddly tiny. Exceptionally they bought me a ticket with a conductor, because, as the lady said: "The dog's arrival on the train, it just could not be overlooked." It couldn't go any further, even if they wanted to, the iron snakes they call dormitories ended. So where are they rushing so far? Around the building proclaiming VISEUL DE JOS, we were practically going to wait another hour just around the corner. They say the bus. At least I know. The local pub was still closed due to the early morning hours, so my owners were honestly throwing the retrievals I brought to them. A strange heap of sheet metal arrived about a fifteen minute delay. So the bus definitely looks different, I thought. This time I did not avoid the basket. Never mind, especially when something is happening. After an infinite period of time, during which the bipeds had to enter four seats with baggage, we went to BORSA. What a surprise it was when the polished modern cars passed by and the restaurants cracked at the seams. The boy shook his head in puzzlement: "Why didn't we go by car, someone here would hardly steal our crack." After a short tasting of the local food, the bipeds set off for more transport. For a while, we will keep the local road, but only the dusty road leads to the Rotunda, and the trail is bad. Unlike bipods, I definitely don't mind going on foot from the valley.

I rested in the shade and was bored, it wasn't worth it on a leash, and my owners refused to let go. True, I didn't see too many dogs and when, so on the chain behind the fence. They have weird habits. I sleep at home in bed and I still do not understand walking on a leash to this day.

"We have a ride!" Grandpa Laďa is afraid.

The quad bike owner is willing to place us at half the price of a taxi. At least Laďa's findings. I'm glad for my seat under the passenger's seat while the owners are squeezing in the backseats. The journey may last forever. About halfway past the lady enthusiastically comments on a church in the Prislop saddle, as if she had built it herself.

I yawn annoyed. Then the floor comes alive under me. The car throws and jumps. I'm guessing this dusty road. Indeed, after a few more minutes we stop. Outside, of course, first. A modern building just a little nervous at the road, but we have tents, we are not concerned. So hurray! The adventure can begin. And I'm going to find a stick ...



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