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What kind of skis do you choose?

Snow can last on the slopes of the mountains until the spring months, so it is worth choosing the right type of skis for the winter season. What do you choose for the Czech mountains? Skis designed for skiing in universal conditions are called allmountain. They are about 75 to 90 millimeters wide and are suitable for all types of slopes and snow.

Cyklo Fanatik - speed ride "Pohodář"

At the beginning I have to say that I started to ride a mountain bike only this year, and my longest route was just at the 42 km cycling fanatic "Pohodář". This event took place 10. June. Since then, MTB has grabbed me and I started to ride more and more.

Secret Pumptrack by Bolevecký Pond - Plzeň

Today I got a tip from my friend about an interesting Pumptrack, which is not marked anywhere on the maps. It lies directly at the Bolevecký pond in Pilsen. So I'll take my daughter and go explore it. It is only a few kilometers from the house. At the nearest pub we give kofola.

Where to go for a bike weekend - Pilsen and its surroundings

Another tip for a shorter route suitable for families with children. Originally I wanted to go on a route that I had with my daughter at the Cyklo fanatik - Pilsen, "Pohodář" route, but unfortunately I was caught by the rain again. Interesting again at the break in Horní Bříza. Nothing else, I cut the 25km route, which contained something for everyone.

Swimming in Germany - Aquaparks at the border

Do you like fun? Do not know what to do with children about winter or summer holidays? Go to a German Aquapark! Especially if you have a planned vacation near the borders with our Western neighbors, it is an ideal addition to leisure activities for which children will surely like to thank you.

Try diving in the Croatian Sea

The best diving sites are in Croatia. For beginners and experienced diving lovers, there are plenty of locations. The Croatian Adriatic is known for its blue color and the Adriatic Sea coastline with its diverse splendor of Mediterranean and 1 244 islands, islands and cliffs. With the overall length of the 6 278 km coast, the sea is exceptionally transparent up to the depth of 50 m.

Bike Cycle Cheb - Karlovy Vary

Bike Cycle Cheb - K.Vary with children

Bicycle with children. We started in Cheb and finished in Karlovy Vary. The length of the route was about 50 km. Our little Bikeers did it quite well. The bike trip ran from 25.7 to 26.7.2012. We traveled along the Ohře cycling trail - 6, which is a well-known cycling trail.

Best Bicycle Camps

This year we have prepared tips for three of the most interesting camps that provide background for cyclists as well. We bring you information about a couple of campsites around which you can find interesting cycling trails for excursions with your family .. Roundabouts and bike rentals are a matter of course ...

Road bumper tires

The question of whether to ride a wheel or ride a road wheel rather than a soul and cloak still has no clear answer. Come to read about the benefits and disadvantages of both solutions. Road cycling has its own specifics, and from mountain biking it differs almost in everything, until it almost seems to be two different universes.

Where to go?

Web was created at the end of summer 2013. On we want to publish both sports facilities and clubs in the Czech Republic, as well as information on other sports (rules, news, results). The site is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, where you can find almost everything about sports and you will also find sports facilities in your area. He will definitely choose any sports enthusiast.

New Ski Resort in the Ore Mountains

skiing in the Czech mountains

Since winter this year, skiing in the Ore Mountains will have a new dimension. At the end of the year, a brand new ski resort will open for the public. It is called Plešivec Ski Resort and its center can be found on the same peak near the village of Abertamy. It is really a green field, and the equipment and cableways are getting new thanks to subsidies from the EU.

Skiing in Bukovec Ski Resort (Kempaland)

Ski Resort is located in the village of Jablunkov, district of Frýdek-Místek. The area offers great opportunities such as Skipark, Snowtubing, ski school, children's play area in the snow, Skibar, horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country skiing and lots of others. Families with children and seniors will come to theirs. Among other things, it is possible to organize various corporate events, group stays and school trips.

Trip to Black Mountain - hiking, biking, nature

Montenegro Janské Spa

Černá hora - center of summer and winter activities is located in the eastern Giant Mountains, in the spa town of Janske Lazne. Cabin lift (Černohorský expres), transport of bicycles, scooters, strollers, mountain bikes, scooters, bike-boards and stanley riders at the lower station of the cable car. In case of good weather, you can visit the Panorama tower at the top of Montenegro, where you can look