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Bikers in Germany in Šumava - Bavarian Forest and Falkenstein National Park

Everything I made up about cycling activities came out this week. That's why I wanted to use the wool and finally ride the border bikes from the Czech Republic to Germany. As a destination I chose the German Šumava - Bavarian Forest National Park and a clear goal in it, namely Grosser Falkenstein with an altitude of 1315 m. However, I did not tell the girls that it will be "probably" only uphill.

Bikers on a trip around Hracholusky, or where not to go

Finally, a nice day was looming, so it was clear that we were going for a bike ride. The goal was to bypass Hracholuska, which would mean driving around 75 km. I wanted it to be a Challenge for my Míša, but I had no idea that we would all rake to the bottom of our strength, including my friend Péti, who joined us on the first part of the route ...

Cycling - the best virus prevention

I greet all athletes and cyclists as well as recreational cyclists. As you know, there are various diseases throughout the world and our country that disrupt our way of life. Because a lot of you have some mixed information, so I decided to write some tips that will help us all to protect ourselves and even play sports.

What kind of skis do you choose?

Snow can last on the slopes of the mountains until the spring months, so it is worth choosing the right type of skis for the winter season. What do you choose for the Czech mountains? Skis designed for skiing in universal conditions are called allmountain. They are about 75 to 90 millimeters wide and are suitable for all types of slopes and snow.

Where to go for a bike weekend - Pilsen and its surroundings

Another tip for a shorter route suitable for families with children. Originally, I wanted to take the route that I completed with my daughter at the Cyklo fanatik - Plzeň event, the "Pohodář" route, but unfortunately the rain caught me again. Interesting that again at the break in Horní Bříza. If nothing else, I cut the 25km route, which contained something for everyone.

Swimming in Germany - Aquaparks at the border

Do you like fun? Don't know what to do with your children during the winter or summer holidays? Go to a German Aquapark! Especially if you have a planned vacation near the border with our western neighbors, it is an ideal addition to leisure activities for which the children will definitely thank you.

Try diving in the Croatian Sea

The best diving sites are in Croatia. There are many locations for beginners and experienced diving lovers. The Croatian Adriatic is known for its blue color and the Adriatic coast is divided into a diverse Mediterranean with a total of 1 islands, islets and reefs. With a total length of 244 km, the sea is exceptionally transparent to a depth of 6 m.

Bike Cycle Cheb - Karlovy Vary

Bike Cycle Cheb - K.Vary with children

Bicycle with children. We started in Cheb and finished in Karlovy Vary. The length of the route was about 50 km. Our little Bikeers did it quite well. The bike trip ran from 25.7 to 26.7.2012. We traveled along the Ohře cycling trail - 6, which is a well-known cycling trail.


Best Bicycle Camps

This year we have prepared tips for three of the most interesting camps that provide background for cyclists as well. We bring you information about a couple of campsites around which you can find interesting cycling trails for excursions with your family .. Roundabouts and bike rentals are a matter of course ...

Road bumper tires

The question of whether to ride a wheel or ride a road wheel rather than a soul and cloak still has no clear answer. Come to read about the benefits and disadvantages of both solutions. Road cycling has its own specifics, and from mountain biking it differs almost in everything, until it almost seems to be two different universes.

Where to go?

The website was created at the end of summer 2013. We want to publish sports facilities and clubs in the Czech Republic on the website, as well as information about other sports (rules, news, results). The site is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, where you will learn almost everything about sports and you will also find sports venues in your area. Definitely every sports enthusiast will choose.

New Ski Resort in the Ore Mountains

skiing in the Czech mountains

Since winter this year, skiing in the Ore Mountains will have a new dimension. At the end of the year, a brand new ski resort will open for the public. It is called Plešivec Ski Resort and its center can be found on the same peak near the village of Abertamy. It is really a green field, and the equipment and cableways are getting new thanks to subsidies from the EU.