Spring camps and their news for this season

Most of us think about camping only in connection with summer and summer holidays. What about spring? The best time of the year, when the temperature is between 15-22 degrees, is pleasant and perhaps besides swimming you can do anything and the weather wishes many activities such as: cycling, fishing, or organizing various events, trips and family gatherings .. wink Here are some tips on proven campsites that are worth visiting in the spring ..


Camping Karolina - Pilsen region

Among such camps definitely include the camp Karolina, which in this period are visited by both families with children, So i caravans and cyclists. Organizing meetings is regular. Pool is inflating according to the weather, ie mostly during June, but the impression certainly does not spoil. Children can have fun on the various attractions available here, or you can cycle. Mushrooms also grow all around. cool During this period, you can come across many caravans not only from the Czech Republic. This camp is a quiet place, maybe that's why seniors are looking for it. Seen in a campsite grandparents with grandchildren  is a common thing .. wink

  • camp is open from 1.05 to 15.10
  • suitable for: families with children, seniors, caravans, carers, mushroom pickers and cyclists
  •  Want to know more about Karolina camp


Western camp Boskovice - South Moravia

Indeed, an interesting theme camp is undoubtedly the camp - western town Boskovice, which you can find in the district of Blansko in South Moravia. yes  The town will open to the public in the 2020 season on Friday, May 1, 2020 at 10.00:XNUMX AM. In the months of May, June and September it will be open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, without a program, admission to the town is free during these months. People can pan for gold here, dig gems with children on top of their treasures, ride a real cowboy horse, have a nice picture painted on their face…. They can also try tomahawk, shoot a bow, Colt and Winchester, or take a goat for a walk. cheeky. I think family fun on spring days how embroidered ... wink


Camping Vranov beach - South Moravia

The Vranovská pláž camp is located in a beautiful locality of South Moravia, directly on the banks of the Vranovská dam. Vranovská dam is a pearl of the protected landscape area Podyjí. Everyone will enjoy the camp. For athletes, there are several volleyball and football fields after the camp, ping pong tables, as well as rental of pedal boats, e-bikes, bicycles, scooters and much more. Gourmets will also enjoy themselves, as there are several restaurants and snack stalls in the camp. And the ancestor must eat .. wink

Camping grounds

  • Rental of pedal boats, pedelecs, bicycles, scooters
  • tourist attractions: Vranov nad Dyjí chateau, Bítov castle, Cornštejn ruins, etc.
  • Of course there is a playground with a sandpit and many attractions
  • boat trips
  • more about the Vranov beach camp


South Moravia - Official Tourism Website

Camping camp Straznice, which can be found anywhere else than on the outskirts of the town Straznice in the district Hodonin (South Moravia) regularly visited by all groups of guests, especially caravans. This year the operators have prepared interesting events for this group already in April ...yes The camp opens this year on Friday 10.4 Easter till 13.4 and in April every weekend. so if you didn't know where to spend Easter, now you know it ... winkcheeky

More information about the camp

  • 18.4 - Open Cellars Day of the Wine Growers of Strážnice
  • From 1.5 normal operation
  • camp provides accommodation: camp sites, equipped cottages, rooms
  • Want to know more about the camp Strážnice


South Moravia - Official Tourism Website

And the last tip suitable for a spring visit is the Formanka camp from the district of Břeclav. smiley In addition to equipped cottages and camping sites for tents, caravans and motor homes, the camp also offers apartment rooms in the hotel area. Thanks to a wide range of services, this area is visited not only by families with children, but also by various groups and groups that hold various events. O cyclists in camping not an emergency .. :). Services included in the offer: gym, indoor pool, playground, restaurant, sports equipment rental for tennis courts, football field and much more. yes

Camping services and activities:

  • Bicycle
  • Bike
  • Tennis Courts (300m)
  • Sauna (400m)
  • Summer swimming pool - Aquapark (300m)
  • Indoor Swimming Pool (300m)
  • Gym (300m)
  • Sports Hall (600m)
  • Soccer and Athletics Stadium (200m)
  • Hockeyball court (300m)
  • Walking
  • Playground
  • Cycling
  • Want to know more about Camp Formanka


Camping Andělská Laguna - Slapy

Now we move to Central Bohemia, to the Slapy area, where the Andělská Laguna camp is located. It is open here from May 1 until September 30, in case of warm weather they open on April 1. In spring, the camp is used mainly by fishermen who go fishing for carp and predatory fish. The possibility of renting a boat or rowboat is a matter of course. wink

Sports and other activities in the camp

  • 2 x table tennis, small football field, beach volleyball court, paddleboards
  • Boat rental with motor
  • Upon agreement to arrange sailing or motor boat rides with the captain
  • Possibility of fishing / year-round 6 cottages with el. heating /
  • Many excursions in the surroundings: nature trail Drbákov - Albertovo skály, flooded quarry Bořena Hora, lookout tower Drahoušek etc.
  • Want to know more about Camp Andělská Laguna


Camping Transit - Kutná Hora

Camping and campsite Transit is a city camp, so visitors are interested mainly in the city of Kutna Hora, which has been in UNESCO since 1995. This year will be held throughout the year celebrating the 25th anniversary of the inclusion of UNESCO, so I recommend to visit. Furthermore, visitors to the camp also go for nature and bike. In the camp you can see mainly cyclists, bikers and then guests who just want to relax. This is a very quiet camp - without disturbing programs and observing the peace of the night. For the use of spring holidays as created. wink

Types of accommodation


Camping Dolce - Giant Mountains

In spring, the Dolce campsite is an ideal place for a peaceful holiday, fishing and hiking trips. There are a number of social, cultural and leisure events for children and adults in the Trutnov region, and guests will certainly not be bored. Bicycles, scooters or pedal carts can be rented directly at the campsite. Fishing is allowed on both ponds. You can play mini golf, pentangue, Russian skittles or table tennis. They also offer in-room massages.  surprise. Great environment for family events, it is no wonder that this camp is regularly placed in the top positions within the evaluation of Czech campsites. wink

aaa flea market right in the campsite .. This is a must see.yes

Upcoming events in the camp

  • 12.4. We organize Easter Egg Hunting, a popular event for children of all ages
  • 30.4. then Witch Burning with accompanying program.
  • 24.5 Flea market in Dolce
  • Want to know more about the Dolce camp


Camp Stříbrný rybník - Hradec Králové

The camp of Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond) will be open from 1 April 4 for accommodated in bungalows. There will be a restaurant, rope park, animation programs, sports equipment rental. In addition, it is possible to visit the adjacent recreational forests of Hradec Králové, which offer a plethora of destinations for trips (game parks, fairytale and nature trails, etc.), cycling, hiking, inline skating, etc. cool

Events to be held at the campsite for the public:

  • 11. 4. 2020 Nova Cup - big cycling races
  • 30. 4. 2020 - witch (we are preparing the program)
  • 8.5.-10.5. - Porsche car meeting
  • 23. 5. 2020 Big Children's Day Treasure at the Silver Pond
  • 29.5. - 31.5. Meeting of historic Škoda cars
  • Want to know more about the Silver Pond Camping


Camping Slunečná - Černý důl

The camp is open from 1.5.2020. In these spring activities you can rent a pedal boat, boat, canoe - use of water in the area. winkWe also recommend cycling and hiking in the low season - there are many activities for trips, I will mention near Montenegro (peat bog), in Janské Lázně Treetop Trail. This area is the closest camp to the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, a trip on foot or by cable car to Sněž A novelty is an adventure night in Teepee (for up to 8 people) and an overnight stay on a sailboat anchored on the water (2 + 2). Who wouldn't want to walk around and wouldn't have their own - there is a scooter, mountain bike and e-bike rental. It is possible to arrange a horseback ride. And to brighten up the day, there is a pub and mini golf on site. For spring holidays or weekends as created ..yes

Accommodation in camp

  • 4-bed cottages
  • areas for caravans and motor homes
  • places for own tents
  • Want to know more about the camp Sunny


So this is our top 10 campsites that you can visit even in the spring and you will not regret it. If we forgot about a camp, write it to us in the comments for inspiration and other visitors. yes






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