Šumava and its surroundings - where to stay

One of the most beautiful recreational areas is Šumava, which represents an extensive mountain range in southwestern Bohemia. Its length from the valley of Chodská Úhlava to Vyšebrodský pass is about 120 km, the maximum width of Šumava and its foothills is 45 km. The highest points of the Šumava on the border ridge reach heights above 1300 m above sea level. The highest peak of the Šumava is Velký Javor - Großer Arber (1456 m) in Germany on the Bavarian side of the border.

That's why it's a year-round mountain chalet Zach an ideal place for your relaxation and relaxation. Now we offer rent of the whole cottage in Šumava. These are accommodations in double, triple and quadruple rooms with extra bed and sofa bed with a total capacity of 20 beds. Each room has its own bathroom. There is also a communal and breakfast room, a kitchenette, an outdoor seating area, a children's playground and parking facilities at the property.


Holidays in Šumava - private accommodation

  • catering in the hotel restaurant - breakfast, half board, full board, home cooking
  • ideal for family vacations or holiday with friends
  • place for parking
  • tips for Šumavské výlety, possibility to purchase maps


Boarding at the cottage Zach

On the ground floor of the cottage there is a modern kitchen where you can prepare any food. However, if you do not want to deal with your holiday, we are glad to welcome you to ours hotel restaurantwhere you can choose from ready meals or hot meals - hot meals all day long. Hotel Zach is just a short walk from 300 m.


Chalet Zach is suitable for both families with childreni, so for party, celebrations and group eventse of a different tip.





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