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An adventure into a gorge with waterfalls

If you want to experience a beautiful and adventurous Saturday or Sunday, bake the cutlets, put them in a backpack, put on proper shoes in nature and go on a trip just outside Tišnov to Trenck's gorge. You will have to overcome a lot of pitfalls and obstacles and you will also test your courage, for example when descending from a rock with the help of a chain or a climbing rope, which are attached to the rock with staples.

Cycling to the Ejpovice dam and testing nano impregnation

For a long time I wondered where to go for a bike, because nowadays everyone suddenly needs to go for walks in the woods. Here in Pilsen, Krkavec and its surroundings are "infamously" known, but it is currently absolutely unsuitable for cycling. So, if you don't want to do a slalom between trees, pensioners and prams, but that's another discipline that I'd rather keep in town.

How do I evaluate Kosatka campsite at Hracholusky dam

You can find a lot of reviews on various websites on the Internet. But all reviews have one thing in common. Accommodation is evaluated by guests from their point of view, which is often not entirely objective. As they say a hundred people, a hundred tastes. In addition, as usual, you can often find 20-30 reviews on purpose-built websites, where the given campsite or other accommodation has a 100% rating, in a row.

Retro bike Greaser on trip - Hracholusky dam

And here it is. The first retro fable challenge, where you can enjoy a real ride while testing the guaranteed range on one 50 km charge. Not that I am not driving around the city, but this bike gives me feelings of freedom and independence as "young" and plundering the city is not what I bought it for.

Plzen Lochotin - Hracholusky 26 km

Tips for campsites near water - dams, lakes, ponds

We will all agree that the most visited camps are the ones that are at some water. Whether it is a lake, a dam, or a pond, everyone gets the most. Holiday at the water is just a top .. But even if the campsite is located by the water, it does not mean that it will provide sufficient facilities for families with children as well as for campsites, caravans, cyclists and the like.

Cycling trail - Kokotské rybníky

Coconut Ponds

If you like cycling through the forest and discovering its secrets, you will surely be pleased that a new nature trail (NS) Kokotské rybníky has been created just a short distance from Pilsen. On the nine-kilometer circuit you will find 11 stops with boards and rest areas. It was this Saturday that it was opened with the participation of representatives of Pilsen and the municipalities that participated in its implementation.

Summer Memories - Dessinkosaurus Rex - Unknown Water Lizard Observed in South Bohemia

We managed an incredible photo catch in South Bohemia. A hitherto unknown water lizard was observed and even photographed in Ratmírovský rybník. After a difficult examination of photographs and comparisons, it was determined as a hitherto unknown species called Dessinkosaurus Rex, mainly according to the shape of the skull and the typical red color.

Kvalita vody v Hostivařské přehradě

After several phone calls from our customers regarding the current quality Hostvařské dam, I turned to the health department of Prague, where I was told that the water in the dam Hostivařské has the status of "impaired water quality", which means that it is authorized to swimming with an emphasis on improved hygiene (showering after swimming).

Swimming in the lake Macha

You will also find many great destinations for car travel. The dominant feature of the region is definitely the Bezděz Castle, which is worth visiting, others are Kokořín Castle, Jestřebí Rock Castle, Starý Berštejn, Ronov, Sloup v Čechách and Chateau Houska, Zákupy and Lemberk .. The city Jablonné v Podještědí, Liberec or Jablonné above Nisa.

Water Orlik

Orlik Reservoir is part of the Vltava cascade in southern Bohemia. It was built between 1954-1961 and dammed the river Vltava near the Solenice Pribram. Bears the name of the castle Orlik, who once featured on a cliff overlooking the deep valley of the Vltava River and today is only a few meters above the surface of the lake.


Ratmírovský pond

Ratmírovský pond was created by damming the stream in 13 Hamer. century and is among the oldest artificial reservoir in the Jindřichův. Ratmírovský pond acreage 80 hectares is used as an important recreational pond.