This year's tips for fine camping for families with children

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Where to go to the camp with children this year? This is the dilemma most of us are dealing with every year. Go to a favorite and verified camp or try something new? A few tips for proven camping sites will help in making a decision. You can inspire camps from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So pick if they don't have everything already occupied. cheeky

All roads lead to camps in South Bohemia

The most visited recreation area in the Czech Republic is undoubtedly South Bohemia. Among the interesting smaller campsites that focus on families with children, programs for children and other events include the resort Water Goblin - Vimperk. Worrying that "juniors" will have nothing to do you can release. They can have fun on the in-line track or on the bike. In the evenings on the playground or by the water. wink In the area you can stay in equipped cottages. >> about Camp Vodník

Children can spend the whole day on such a playground ... angel

There is no shortage of events for children ..

For paddlers with children, the Podskalí camp is an ideal place. It lies directly on the Otava River in the Strakonice district. Events for children are here on "daily" order. But the main purpose of visiting this camp is undoubtedly fun on the water. Families with children come here often. The accommodation is of all kinds: camping sites for tents, campers and caravans, as well as equipped cottages. If you are looking for similar camps, go to Podskalí. >> about camp Podskalí

It's like "autodrome" but on the water. In the Podskalí camp, a common thing .. devil

Next to the Třeboňsko is another well-attended camp - Sportkemp Doubí. Background for all types of visitor as otherwise. Accommodation in cottages, log cabins, tents, but also with your own caravan and camper. I find the most interesting accommodation in a dormitory dormitory. The location of the camp right next to the Opatovice Pond also offers plenty of fun for families with children. >> about the sport of Doubí camp

Here, the children get a good fit and sleep well in the evening. cool

South Moravia's best campsite for your children

When camping from South Moravia, Vranov beach. Anyone who doesn't know it should fix it with a peel. smiley If a camp in South Moravia has many years of experience, attractions and facilities for families with children, the number 1 is just Vranov beach. The services and attractions have so much that the description would be for the whole novel. cheeky Better look at their site. >> about the Vranov beach camp

Fun for kids on half day .. wink

The water sprite climbed out of the Vranov Dam and entertains the children .. yes

There was also something for small artists.devil

Children's playground next to the restaurant. Great.. cool

Children in camps in the middle of the forest

In addition to water camps, camping sites in the woods are often visited. It's no wonder, nature and camping are inseparable. Among the most interesting are camping Karolina. Besides being located in the middle of the Bohemian Forest, it offers a lot of activities for children. The playground is tactically located in the middle of the camp, which means that you can still see them from the pub. The children are still running around. To the pool, to the playground, or just ride on the campsite. smiley >> about Karolina camp

The pool is always full of fun .. cheeky

An army of child cyclists ready to attack ... cool

Cottages, bungalows, apartments, camping sites and other comfortable accommodation also offers camping and resort Dešná, which lies in the Beskydy Mountains. Sports facilities and fine restaurants are commonplace in the camp. This camp is regularly placed in top positions in various campsite polls. The built-in swimming pool is also very helpful. Well, how many campsites in the forest do you see such a pool? There are not many. cool >> about Dešná camp

Children here, kids there, everywhere I look .. wink

And a few pictures of family gatherings and weekend events ..

And we have a special forest piece from Vysočina. Camping Western Šiklův mlýn is a very specific camp, which offers fun not only for children. If you want to travel to the Wild West and try out different attractions, believe that you have fun for fun. Do you want teepee accommodation like an Indian? OK, no problem. Or a log apartment? As you wish. cool >> About Western Camp

Water attractions for children are not even in the wild west .. cheeky , sorry in the wild highlands .. cool

To Slovakia ? So go to Mara camp

Do you want to go abroad with your family, but not so far? Ok, ok Mara Camping is at your disposal. One of the best Slovak camps offers an attraction full of .. blush . Accommodation from the simplest cottages, through camping sites to luxury apartments. Whatever you choose. We're going there this year too, so if you're interested in this camp, book it fast. There is not much free space there .. >> about camping Mara

Little is driving .. wink Like me last week. smileyangel

I would also smile on a pedal with a canopy. cheeky

Everywhere well, in Podkrkonoší best

Dolce, a camp of such splendid name and right in the Podkrkonoší region, in the Trutnov district. There's always something going on. Concerts, events for children, water attractions, dragon boats and much more, this is exactly what this camp does. They give you a meal in the restaurant, and you have a caravan where to park, or you can stay in a cottage. The Podkrkonoší icon is just this campsite. >> About the Dolce Camp

Look at it ... How many little witches go to the Dolce camp. devil

Pirates of the Caribbean land at the campsite. cheeky

Another attraction in Krkonoše is the Rozkoš campsite. Over the years, they had been able to get it out there. Once there was just such a slut and some of those cottages. And now? Children's attractions from the fiction of the world, built-in swimming pool, plenty of water attractions, not only for children, bike rental for big and small .. and this is how I could continue until September, but it would be too late. Check out the web and see .. yes >> about camp Rozkoš

Water World. I would try that too ..angel

Flinstoun keeps going .. In my youth this was not in the camps. angry Never mind, let our children enjoy it. wink

And the last piece I can't miss is Dolni Kalna campsite. Another interesting camping, which the representatives of the village take care of. Specifically, the operation of the camp is overseen directly by the mayor, who is very nice and helpful. This reflects the background of this camp. The built-in swimming pool for summer cooling and natural, equipped cabins are a matter of course. The caravanist and the stanoe were also thought of. And children? Do they have a place to play? Well, of course ..yes Children's playground and events and trips for children are among the privileges of this camp. wink >> about Dolní Kalná campsite

Dolní Kalná this year 31. May. The event was organized by TJ Sokol Dolní Kalná within the pan-European Move week event yes

And that's the end of today's dear kids tips.smiley There will be two more dozen camps to recommend, but I will leave it to you all. If you know about another camp for children, don't leave it to yourself and write it in the comments below.

My tips have a few things in common. All campsites are regularly placed in top positions in the polls where guests write directly. All campsites count with families with children and accordingly try to tailor their services and facilities. yes

And remember

cheeky "Who does not drink with us, camps against us" wink



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