This year's tips on where to go to the campsite to the water - verified campsites


As every year, this year everyone is looking for a holiday mainly by the water. That is why we did not hesitate and in cooperation with the operators of camps and recreational areas we wrote down some tips on where to go to the water in the Czech Republic this year. Right here, a few tips will be clearly divided between pools, ponds and dams. So that everyone can choose ..wink  All campsites have one thing in common, namely the possibility of accommodation in fixed accommodation units, which include: cottages, bungalows, mobile homes or log cabins, or accommodation with your own tent or caravan.


Aquaparks and camps with pools

Popular camps include camps / areas where you can find pools and other water attractions that do not depend on dams or other "non-chlorinated" water entertainment ..


Campsite Frenštát - Beskydy

Camp Frenštát is without a doubt one of the famous camps in the Moravian-Silesian region. This is a city camp. Right next to the camp there is a city Aquapark, guests are entitled to free tickets, which will please many visitors who hate hidden fees such as showers for tokens, or charging for entry to water attractions. wink

The water slide must not be missing in any campsite ... cool





Camping Karolina - Pilsen region

Another camp, whose operator does not recognize the position of the camp at the dam, is the Karolina camp, which is located near the village of Planá in the Pilsen region in a good location, where you can see just around the woods and trees. The camp is often visited by cyclists and mushroom pickers. Of course, there is an above-ground pool. wink

Do you think this is a photo of a trip with a kindergarten? cheeky Mistake, this camp has a lot of attractions for children, so it is common that you will encounter a lot of "sponge cakes" :)





Camp Michal - Western Bohemia

The Michal camp and swimming pool is located in the district of Sokolov. This camp boasts an impressive water slide, which attracts many visitors and not only from Bohemia. The height of this attraction above ground level is 12 meters, while the elevation from the boarding to the water level in the range, which the visitor overcomes while driving, is almost 20 meters! The length of the water slide is 190 meters and the length of the tripod is 117 meters. The ride on the water slide takes almost 40 seconds. So when someone tells you to go gliding, head straight to the Michal campsite. cool





Camp Pecka - Giant Mountains

The Krkonoše camp Pecka also boasts a nice swimming pool. The large pool will delight many visitors. Maybe that's why this camp is often visited by school trips and families with children. cheeky

There is also a paddling pool for the little ones. ;)





Campsites by the lakes and ponds

For lovers of a relaxing holiday by the ponds and lakes, we also have a few tips for proven campsites that are worth a visit. wink


Autocamp Mělice - Pardubicko

In the district of Pardubice, the Mělice camp is located by Lake Mělice with many water attractions. Clear water and fine sand beaches are an attraction for a perfect active holiday, so why not try it. cheeky





Sportcamp Doubí - Southern Bohemia

It is a recreational and sports center, one of the best in the Třeboň region due to its location and equipment. All accommodation and catering facilities, including sports facilities, are located in a beautiful, clean and well-kept natural environment. The resort provides almost all the services you could wish for during a nice holiday, whether relaxing or active. The maximum number of all possible sports grounds, including a sports hall, fitness, sauna, etc., contributes to this.






Campsite Sluníčko - Macha Lake

Camp Sluníčko is located in the district of Česká Lípa near the shores of Lake Macha. The camp is suitable for families with children, as well as for organizing group events and school trips. After all, who wouldn't want to go to Mácháč this year as well .. cheeky





Camps by dams

And we are slowly approaching the finals. Here we introduce the two kings. One has its kingdom at the Hracholusky dam and the other at Vranov. I think everyone knows them, so there is no need to introduce them in any extra way. cool


Camping Keramika - Hracholusky

The first king is undoubtedly the Keramika camp, which is located directly at the Hracholuská dam in the Plzeň region in western Bohemia. The camp provides facilities for all the tips of fun you can think of. Among other things, fishermen who return here a lot will also enjoy themselves ..





Camping Vranov beach - South Moravia

And the second king is unmistakably camping Vranovská pláž, which is located nowhere else but in South Moravia. This camp is regularly placed in the top positions of the best rated camps from all over the Czech Republic. Our website, as a leading portal for camping reviews, is no exception. cool





Camp by the river Elbe

The last tip is boating Camp Děčín, which lies on the banks of the river Elbe and is a popular destination for paddlers in Děčín. There is a boating base right in the camp and you can rent canoes, rafts and paddleboards here. Fishermen will also get their money's worth. There are several carp and catfish habitats right in front of the camp. And you won't come up with a swim here either. In the Elbe you can cool off on hot days. Here we have a video that tells a lot .. wink






So it was our little one from every corner this year. I assume you have made your choice. Certainly not, but I will not reveal my favorite camp from the above. angel If you have another tip, write it down in the comment directly below the article. We wish you a nice "water" holiday .. wink






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