Via campsites by campervan in Istria to Croatia


A month ago in Albania we said that we had had enough of the sea. Leonard and my sister's family went diving in the Black Water, because we are aquatic animals and restless at home. Leonard tried breathing from a bottle for the first time, and even though he still doesn't do well, he will be a diver. smiley

Diving in Istria

Route map here:


But what the hell didn't he want? Our friends with whom we toured in Slovakia that year already went to Croatia. They sent some provocative photos, so we packed up in three hours on Wednesday afternoon and went after them. cheeky

At night I pulled it all the way to the Austrian-Slovenian border, where we slept in the parking lot. In the morning we passed the places where we spent the holiday a year ago and before lunch we stopped next to the famous VW California near the town of Zambratija. All the borders we crossed were completely smooth, as if there was no Corona, except for a column. Even at the Croatian border, they did not want any notified forms from us. The place where our friends stood was very nice, it only had one mistake, which is known throughout Croatia. Fines for sleeping in the wild are handed out here. Our friends paid 70 euros for the previous night, even though there was no board to forbid it. We stayed here all day and in the evening we went looking for a place to sleep without penalty. There are, of course, many campsites, but prices from 40 euros per night seemed a lot to us. So we moved through Umag to the town of Karigador, where there is a huge campsite, which has parking areas for campers and caravans before entering the camp, where it is possible to sleep under trees with a water connection for 10 euros. It is said that we can use the showers and toilets in the camp. What else could you wish for. wink

SEA Istria Croatia

The journey continued along the coast of Istria, we visited a few beaches and finally anchored in a small 3 * camp for 30 euros per night. There were a total of ten campers and otherwise the whole camp was full of seasonal parking of caravans and bungalows for rent. We had a beautiful place with a sea view, so we stayed here for two nights. The next day, half of the few cars left because the Slovenes declared Croatia risky, and if they did not want to go to quarantine, they had to pack up and go home. Everyone was appropriately angry, but what was left for them ...devil

In a camp with a caravan - Istria

Sunset - Istria Croatia

Bungalows in the camp - Istria

Another move was history. We went to Rovinj and saw the night historical center. It is a typical Adriatic town with everything. Of course, no one solves the veils here. We found a place to sleep with the help of park4night. It was a parking lot for a restaurant, where the owner of the restaurant welcomed us with a free aperol and was happy for 10 euros for parking. Because of Corone, he became a waiter and a chef. He had never experienced such a season in his life. The workers had to be fired and they eventually left to do so in Germany. Corona liquidates tourism in Croatia as well ...yes

campervan in Istria

By the sea - Istria Croatia

We spent the next day on a nice beach near the town of Peroj. We were here alone. Depending on the application, you can also sleep here, but we decided not to take any risks. In the evening we visited the historic center of Pula and its colosseum. We found a place to sleep again at a restaurant where they allowed us to sleep for free. So Majo and his family went to dinner, so it wasn't completely free. We don't go to the bar with Elizabeth very much because then we just chase her all over the room ...cryingwink

The next day we longed for the wilderness, so we turned off the main road and turned onto gravel. We almost got stuck here on a steep climb, but the beach near the town of Peruški was worth it. In the evening we went to the camp again. We spent two nights here and Majo and his family also rented a boat. There were up to 20 cars in the camp, so it was completely empty, which suited us. angel

We planned to stop at Senec before returning home and see the south of Istria. It was not possible to reasonably get to the beaches, so we just crossed the coast and rolled towards Slovakia. Along the way, we stopped in Vienna in a shopping center, where, to our surprise, no one had veils. We bought some things here for Leonard, because he can be a schoolboy and in the evening we arrived at an empty campsite in the south of Senec.

We like Senec. We took a train, rented pedal boats and generally enjoyed it here. About seven families from Ružomberok met here. The trip was short, but we had a good time before the end of my maternity leave and the entry of our big boy to school ...wink






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Iveta Tumova (unregistered) 17. November 2020 - 15: 05

Hi. We plan to go to Croatia as well. Maybe it's a good location :-)

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