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An adventure into a gorge with waterfalls

If you want to experience a beautiful and adventurous Saturday or Sunday, bake the cutlets, put them in a backpack, put on proper shoes in nature and go on a trip just outside Tišnov to Trenck's gorge. You will have to overcome a lot of pitfalls and obstacles and you will also test your courage, for example when descending from a rock with the help of a chain or a climbing rope, which are attached to the rock with staples.

Christmas competition with the Vranovská pláž campsite

And we have a long-promised Christmas competition here, where you can win Vouchers for camping places to the Vranovská pláž campsite (Vranovská přehrada). This camp is one of the most visited and at the same time the best rated campsites not only in South Moravia, but also in the Czech Republic in general, so we do not have to introduce it in any particular way. Who was not in this camp, be the first to throw a stone ...

Autumn hiking trip to Krehor

The Hont region, which lies in the southern part of central Slovakia, offers many natural and cultural monuments. We are located in a seemingly inconspicuous southern part of the region, where there are less visited natural monuments, but perhaps more interesting for the wider area, because they are little "peeked" ..

Wandering around Slovakia - on bikes to the Devil's Gate

The motivation of this trip was to combine recreational cycling with a visit to beautiful mountain places. While wandering around Turcom, we discovered a pleasant village with an atmosphere of folk history, culture and architecture. In the distinctive village called Blatnica, we were interested in Blatnica Castle, but also in the nice folk houses with the original Turkish architecture. Nature completed the magical atmosphere of this place.

Hooray for Bezděz Castle! - a tip for a family trip to Liberec

As I wrote last time (well, it's been more than a year), when I mainly wake up to a terribly brilliant idea, my husband has no choice but to go on a more or less amazing trip with me. And last autumn, and I remember exactly that, because on the way to the castle we collected fallen nuts, so we went to Bezděz Castle. It was my first time, so I was full of expectations…

By bike to the camp Keramika - Hracholusky

The daughter went to camp and my wife and I are wondering what we will do on the weekend. As a good biker, I suggest a bike ride. In the meantime, I find out that in the Keramika camp in Hracholusky, one cottage was accidentally vacated, so we don't hesitate for a long time ... Scheduled departure on Friday ...

Nové Hamry - a tip for a relaxing holiday in the Ore Mountains

There is no doubt that we should give more support to domestic tourism. Especially when he suffered an almost fatal pandemic slap this year. I decided to write to you about a place in the Ore Mountains, which is not one of the "proven" centers of the Krkonoše type. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer and is close to my heart in the Ore Mountains. The secret tip is Nové Hamry.

Camping on the Wild by the Sea - Greece

440 km - I just love Greece and never fail. Our first road with a lifting roof had to inevitably head right here. In addition, we chose, as I always dreamed of at least two crews, how much a friend bought older California. We had already started our journey together, which ended up in Slovenia, but it was only three days together.

Ore Mountains - sunrise on Tisovský Hill

Winter is relentlessly knocking on the door and you are definitely wondering where to go for winter, half-year or spring holidays. If you are going to one of the increasingly popular resorts in the Ore Mountains, we have a tip for you for an unforgettable trip.

Winter hiking - hike to the Brdo lookout tower

The tourist season does not necessarily have to be only during the summer, for example for me (and I believe that for many of you) it is all year round. So I started this season in February, by hiking to Brdo with my friend. On Tuesday 13.2. we went on such a small hike - the first "gauge" for this year.

Bike trip to Letohrad

I like to ride a bike, so I want to share with you a nice bike route around Ústí nad Orlicí. And since it leads a lot in the field it is suitable for mountain biking. So let's start, we set off nicely and lightly from Ústí nad Orlicí towards the Airport on route 4216 and from there we take a beautiful asphalt exit to the local Strážný hill. Ideal for warming up.

6 autumn tips for mountain accommodation

Autumn is in full swing and winter is slowly knocking on the door. Therefore, we have decided that a few tips where to stay in mountain chalets will certainly not hurt. This time we chose 6 verified cottages, which lie in the middle of the mountains and can be visited by a bunch of birthday parties, couples in love or families with children ...

Caravan all year round - direction Legoland Germany and Zoo

Caravan to Legoland - a "little" surprise for children. Little, 9-year-old architect of the lego-world and still a little playful, 12-year-old young man, responded with unbridled joy!

4. May 18: 30 CET - lightly packed we leave for a few days Prešov and after cross-section of Slovakia and Moravia we fall asleep near Olomouc on a rest area while sleeping trucks and other cars.

Weekend mushrooming - Úněšov, Spálený les

My wife Misha wanted to pull me up a month ago. We tried to search around the outlook tower Krkavec. However, it is a forest part, which is just teeming with people. The chances of success were scarce and the quality of the mushrooms found corresponded to it, just a disaster. That's why I decided to find another location. Mushroomers do not want to disclose their places, so I tried it myself.