Tips for trips

The cyclist rides a bicycle from Prague to Brno

Can you imagine riding a bike from Prague to Brno? I completed this route and you can join me now! CykloVandr from Prague to Brno is a great experience, during which I came across a lot of beautiful and interesting places. The route leads through a town famous for silver mining - Kutná Hora, we will look at Zelená hora or a castle full of squirrels!


This year's tips for camps for children - summer vacation as it should be

Where to go to the camp with children this year? This is the dilemma most of us are dealing with every year. Go to a favorite and verified camp or try something new? A few tips for proven camping sites will help in making a decision. You can inspire camps from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. So pick if they don't have everything already occupied.

There's no camp in the camp

The camping portal, which has been focused on camps and camping, has been running for seven years, and even after seven years we have been struggling with the same problem. Visitors to our site, buddies and acquaintances, as well as many social networking users, are still crossing camps. Over time, we could not fail to notice why this is happening. Everyone's camp is something different.

About Orlík Reservoir - activities and accommodation in the area

The Orlická dam and otherwise called the Orlík dam (after the Orlík chateau) is located primarily in the South Bohemian region and was built between 1954 and 1961. This dam is part of the Vltava river and the confluence of the Otava river. This is one of the most visited areas for recreational accommodation and other related outdoor activities.


Dwelling in Slovakia - collecting nuts in Bratislava

Our pack set off again. The Renault polish broke down, so this time it was missing, but it was replaced with dignity by the reconstructed Majova T4. She got a new varnish and the black and white combination is very good for her. We set off on Friday after work in the direction of Nové město nad Váhom without Miša, he came to see us at night. We found a nice place by the Váh canal and had a few glasses by the fire.

Return to the campsite La Rocca, or tips for trips around

And here it is !! The weather in September wishes us, so we are planning a trip to the La Rocca campsite in Konstantinovy ​​Lázně again. This time already in full formation, even with his daughter. The last time we got there with bicycles was by train. This time we put it in full fire on bikes from Pilsen to the camp - 45 km. We are waiting for our daughter to get out of school, things packed and around 16.00 we leave.

A tip for a walking trip - a hike through the Brdy Protected Landscape Area

Martin and I have one thing in common. Our girls like to ride a bike, but they don't despise other outdoor activities either. In order to preserve the decor, we arrange a walking trip. Now straight to the Brdy Protected Landscape Area with a great destination, namely the TOK signpost with an altitude of 865 meters. Even now, as I write about it, my legs hurt, but what else. We have to snatch. The girls slapped their bikes last week.

With the family by bike to the Karolina campsite

For the past month, I've been covering the girls in all the places where there were some hills. Everything was heading towards this year's main goal, namely: Take a bike trip from Pilsen to the Karolina camp (Planá village) - 66 km. The girls asked how many meters we will climb. I read that around 750m they took quite a bit. But the ladies forgot that sometimes I lie ....

From the Lusatian Mountains to Germany to Oybin Castle

The time of covid was not over, but my friend and I still wanted to go somewhere on vacation. I was driving the internet and came across a beautiful caravan. I immediately fell in love with her according to the photos. The bungalow was located in the Beautiful Field. We decided to go out on the weekend, it's better for us in time. I had the reservation done in a few minutes and it was enough to wait a week and we could go.

By caravan in Slovakia - Across the Tatras to the Danube

The Covid madness continues successfully for the second year, and in my opinion, even those who invent it do not know the measures. Probably the goal :)). After the experience from last year, when we toured the whole Balkans without any problems, I know that we would be at peace by the sea, but the circus after returning to Slovakia is not worth it.

Bikers in Germany in Šumava - Bavarian Forest and Falkenstein National Park

Everything I made up about cycling activities came out this week. That's why I wanted to use the wool and finally ride the border bikes from the Czech Republic to Germany. As a destination I chose the German Šumava - Bavarian Forest National Park and a clear goal in it, namely Grosser Falkenstein with an altitude of 1315 m. However, I did not tell the girls that it will be "probably" only uphill.

For the first time on foot to Šumava via Čertovo and Černé jezero

When asked Míša if we would go on a hiking trip there and there, my answer was always: "Why would we walk on it? It will be faster on a bike" However, under the weight of her argument, I decided that the hiking trip would be nice. Understand the word argument, it inflated me so much that I had no choice .. :)). In addition, buddy David is also a hiking enthusiast. So we just got together and drove.

At the weekend by bike - direction Hromnické jezírko and Horní Bříza

I accidentally managed to plan a nice route around Hromnický lake near Pilsen. I added a few extra kilometers to the route, so that this bike trip was worth it and Kája (daughter), who seemed a little busy .. :)) The weather was good. To motivate the girls, I promise at the beginning that at the end of the ride we will go for a bath .. :) The whole route can be downloaded here:

Bikers on a trip around Hracholusky, or where not to go

Finally, a nice day was looming, so it was clear that we were going for a bike ride. The goal was to bypass Hracholuska, which would mean driving around 75 km. I wanted it to be a Challenge for my Míša, but I had no idea that we would all rake to the bottom of our strength, including my friend Péti, who joined us on the first part of the route ...

With bikes for the weekend to the camp La Rocca - Constantine's Spa

We have been going to the La Rocca campsite on bikes for a long time. Unfortunately, the weather didn't like it, but in the end it worked out. Originally we wanted to ride bikes straight from Pilsen, which is about 45 km, but somehow it didn't work out. My daughter had scouts for that weekend, so we had to escort her, and then it was too late. However, we enjoyed the bike ride (even with a swim) at the weekend anyway, but only then ..;)