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A tour of Adršpach and the effects of drought in the landscape

Adršpach sandstone rocks are certainly one of the most beautiful Czech natural phenomena. So where else to go in the time of the coronavirus than to the beautiful nature, where a person has peace from people and can take off his veil. But I was wrong. Beautiful nature awaited us, but we did not find it empty there. We felt more like Václavák in terms of the number of people.

What kind of skis do you choose?

Snow can last on the slopes of the mountains until the spring months, so it is worth choosing the right type of skis for the winter season. What do you choose for the Czech mountains? Skis designed for skiing in universal conditions are called allmountain. They are about 75 to 90 millimeters wide and are suitable for all types of slopes and snow.

Ore Mountains - sunrise on Tisovský Hill

Winter is relentlessly knocking on the door and you are definitely wondering where to go for winter, half-year or spring holidays. If you are going to one of the increasingly popular resorts in the Ore Mountains, we have a tip for you for an unforgettable trip.

Winter hiking - hike to the Brdo lookout tower

The tourist season does not necessarily have to be just during the summer, for me (and I believe that for many of you) it is all year round. So I started this season already in February by going to Brdo with my friend. On Tuesday, 13.2. we went on such a small hike - this year's first "breakup".

6 autumn tips for mountain accommodation

Autumn is in full swing and winter is slowly knocking on the door. Therefore, we have decided that a few tips where to stay in mountain chalets will certainly not hurt. This time we chose 6 verified cottages, which lie in the middle of the mountains and can be visited by a bunch of birthday parties, couples in love or families with children ...

Jachymov, the new pearl of UNESCO - tips for trips

When the mining region Erzgebirge / Erzgebirge 6.7.2019 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, I accepted it with a mixture of pride and concern. I am glad that all my life I have lived in a landscape that has revolutionized the world mining technology and, especially in the Middle Ages, the miners were pioneers of new technologies.

Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

Part 3 .: The Rotunda saddle is surprisingly civilized. I blow my nose into the air so that I don't miss any smell of information about this place. We'll sleep here tonight. For me this information was rather disappointing, I was looking forward to a long hike. On the other hand, my bipeds will have enough time to retrieve them properly. Right now they are unpacking their backpacks under a small shelter to eat.

Romanian mountains from the dog's point of view - Crossing the Rodna mountain range

Part 1: The journey begins - I set my ears impatiently, something's happening. For the fourth time, the lady flew through the kitchen to add a strange-looking backpack. He was almost as big as her and heavy, probably because she used a few indiscriminate words when trying to get him to the door. The boy was probably like that.

Skiing in the German Alps - Pfronten im Allgäu

When it comes to skiing in Germany, many people like Garmisch - Partenkirchen, Berchtesgaden or Oberstdorf. We have chosen a resort this year, which is a bit unfairly interesting for Czech tourists. It is situated in the southwest of Germany in Bavaria in the Allgäu region. He is famous for his monuments (eg.

Tobogganing in Germany at the foot of the Ore Mountains


In one of the previous articles, I have advised you where to go sledding in the Austrian Alps. Not everyone goes for a winter holiday to this mountain range. So if you are going to spend your winter holidays in Bohemia, but enjoy the alpine entertainment, read the following lines. Try skiing in our westernmost mountain range - the Ore Mountains.

From Janské lázně to Černá hora

As another destination for the half-day trip from Janske Lazne, we chose Black Mountain. Because we were still miles from the descent from Snezka, we decided that it would be enough for us to walk less than two kilometers from the spa colonnade to the Montenegrin Express embankment. This is the cabin lift, which runs on top of the Black Mountain.

Twice on Snezka - Weekend in Janske Lazne

With the visit that came to Janske Lazne for the first weekend of my stay, we went to Snezka. It seemed like the weather wished, less than twenty miles to the parking lot in Pec pod Sněžkou, we did not drive by car in half an hour. And all in the dark weather. The sun was shining when we reached the bottom of the cable car.

Bohemian Switzerland - boat across the Edmund Gorge

After we left the crowded Eagle's Nest and the Pravčická Gate, we continued to Hřensko. Although the road was mostly downhill and less demanding than the one we had before, it just gave us a little bit of work. But the surrounding nature was worth it.

Ore Mountains - West, tips for lookout towers

Plešivec - skiareál

The Ore Mountains are with their length over 130 km our longest and mountain range. Despite their easy accessibility, they are still one of the least visited mountain groups in the Czech Republic. It is due in particular to not very good rumors from the 1990s. At that time, they were known mainly by the devastated top of the forests.

Zillertal Alps

U Zittauer Hutte

For our further hiking in the mountains, we chose the area of ​​the Zillertal Alps, We arrive early in the morning through Pomezí nad Ohří, Munich, Kufstein and we come to the small town of Zell am Ziller, which is home to famous ski slopes and Mayrhofen.

Šumava and its surroundings - where to stay

Cottage Zach - Sumava

One of the most beautiful recreational areas is Šumava, which is an extensive mountain range in Southwest Bohemia. Its length from the valley of Chodská Úhlava to Vyšší Brod Pass is about 120 km, the maximum width of Šumava and its foothills is 45 km. The highest points of Šumava on the border ridge reach the heights above 1300 m