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Jeseníky - where to stay

CHKO Jeseníky is a protected landscape area in the Hrubý Jeseník mountains, announced in 1969. The PLA is located in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic. Its area 744 km2 (according to GIS) belongs to the largest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic. The PLA lies on the territory of the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions, in parts of Jeseník, Šumperk and Bruntál districts.

Little Fatra in winter and with bivouac

Little Fatra will not disappoint at any time of year. Not even in winter, when most tourists prefer to be warm in their homes and wait for spring and dust on the haystacks. My disasters were not so dusty yet rather dirty since the last visit to the Poodří Protected Landscape Area, yet it was not possible to pull my heels out of Ostrava. Especially when meteorologists promised the last two days of nice weather.

A picturesque cottage for rent in the Lusatian Mountains

Cottage in the mountains

If you decide to spend your holiday this year in the Czech Republic and still have not found a place to enjoy your holidays, choose the breathtaking Lusatian Mountains. It offers many beautiful places and despite the considerable tourist interest you can enjoy the peace and quiet. The holiday experience will also increase accommodation in a traditional mountain cottage that will surprise you with a low price.

Trip to the Lechtal Alps 2014

Trekshop in the Alps

I present you a video of the trek to the Lechtal Alps. A great trek from Boden via Hanauer Hutte to Steinseehutte and back. Klettersteig Hanuer Hutte and Steinkarspitze. As you can see, you can see the 16 minute video where you can see the use of our Outdoor Equipment in practice.

Discovering tours - Carpathian Rus


Do you want this year's holiday to be truly exceptional and you have a great deal of unconventional experience on it, did you find true cultures and traditions? If so, it's not an ideal choice for a ten-day holiday at a sandy beach on a desert island. By tugging on the beach, enjoy a great rest, but you can bring your burnt belly or back.

New Ski Resort in the Ore Mountains

skiing in the Czech mountains

Since winter this year, skiing in the Ore Mountains will have a new dimension. At the end of the year, a brand new ski resort will open for the public. It is called Plešivec Ski Resort and its center can be found on the same peak near the village of Abertamy. It is really a green field, and the equipment and cableways are getting new thanks to subsidies from the EU.

Skiing in Bukovec Ski Resort (Kempaland)

Ski Resort is located in the village of Jablunkov, district of Frýdek-Místek. The area offers great opportunities such as Skipark, Snowtubing, ski school, children's play area in the snow, Skibar, horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country skiing and lots of others. Families with children and seniors will come to theirs. Among other things, it is possible to organize various corporate events, group stays and school trips.

Luxury and cheap cottages in the Liberec Region - Giant Mountains

Cottage Spicak

In search of cottages and apartments in Liberec, I came across an interesting object. Cottages suitable for families with children, corporate events, skiing and the like. Mostly it is a luxury or standard furnishing. The facility can accommodate both the summer and the winter. Some cottages will come to less than 2000. - CZK per week per person. This means that the day it is driven at about 185. - CZK ...

Trip to Black Mountain - hiking, biking, nature

Montenegro Janské Spa

Černá hora - center of summer and winter activities is located in the eastern Giant Mountains, in the spa town of Janske Lazne. Cabin lift (Černohorský expres), transport of bicycles, scooters, strollers, mountain bikes, scooters, bike-boards and stanley riders at the lower station of the cable car. In case of good weather, you can visit the Panorama tower at the top of Montenegro, where you can look