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Many of us who are traveling by caravan or car and are staying in camps are solving in the summer food season. So I have written to you about the experience of travel refrigerators used by us or our friends.

Before any longer trip to Croatia, Italy or more distant destinations, you are sure to solve what to take for a meal on the road or the first days in the campsite so you will not be spoiled. Of course, it is possible to eat on the Fast Food or on a petrol pump, however, for many of you it is not enough and not very economical.

Active cooling boxIn the case of shorter trips to neighboring countries, you do not have to deal with it if you go to the sea for the night. you will definitely welcome something to keep your food and drinks cool. For this purpose, we also bought a refrigerator for us. In our Czech basin, the offer of these facilities is sufficient, but not all of them are quite convincing with their quality and performance. I recommend using some of the more familiar brands. Among them is Campingaz. This company has been rolling out virtually two or three popular models for years without significant design modifications. For carriage, some models also have safety mounts for those who will carry it on the seat and not in the car trunk.

Before I sort out some of the brands, let's say how the coolers actually split. The first type is passive cooling boxes.

These cooling boxes are only isolated from the outside by polyurethane foam. I recommend increasing their effect by inserting the chilled cooling gel or plastic inserts to extend the efficiency. This type of box is really just a few hundred, but it is not enough for a long trip or stay in the campsite. It finds use but to store food on the beach, on a trip or on a short trip.

Active cooling boxes form a more powerful category. This is where the electrical energy is reduced. For cheaper models, a small fan, usually located in the box lid, is spinning. The air flow generates a cooling effect, while the warm air is drained from the box body. The highest category of refrigerated refrigerators are compressor coolers that can keep the internal temperature calm down to minus 20 ° C. These are, however, considerably more expensive than the classic electrophones and their price at the 30l car coolers rises high over 10.000 CZK.

What to look for when choosing a car book?

Always look at the internal volume of the model. Some manufacturers have external dimensions, and those are smaller. Serious brands show not only the exact values ​​for the internal dimension, but also the number of PET bottles you can store in the fridge. This gives you a better idea of ​​internal size. An important factor in choosing an active cooling box is the range of indoor temperature setting. But this is the case for more expensive compressor autoadverts. For classic electroboxes, you will find an indication of how many stubs are able to cool their indoor space relative to the outside temperature. The vast majority of boxes are equipped with a connector for connection to a cigarette lighter socket - 12V. Be careful, however, if you are using a refrigerator in a truck where the 24V voltage is. For these cars, you need a model capable of working with this voltage, or you need to buy a voltage converter.

A useful thing that many brands have is so-called " battery protection. This is especially important for those of you who do not turn off the ignition socket when the ignition key is removed. The box keeps moving even further when parking the car. If your chosen model did not have this protection, it might happen that the cooling motor would run still further and could cause the battery to be discharged.

And can you use a cooler when you come to the cottage, the guesthouse or the camp? Of course. It is possible, therefore, to use the services of common refrigerators and freezers in the campsite. But you know that they are often overcrowded. So you will appreciate the possibility of having your cooling box in your tent or in the room still with you. For this purpose, you need to have a 220V connection on the box. For some types, both cables are included, but for cheaper models, you need to buy the adapter. He may be able to buy more than a hundred crowns. So choose the types that already have both connectors hidden in the body of the device.

Finally, I would like to share my own experience with the cooling boxes we use on our roads. We have two types of active boxes. One is Campingaz Powerbox 28l and another is a product of a German company Ezetil E3000 Carbon

Campingaz is relatively inexpensive and simple to use and is quite sufficient for undemanding users. What about performance is really Ezetil's performance. For example, on the last vacation in Greece, when the tent was at least 40 degrees, this model is able to keep the internal temperature around 10 ° C! This is the value at which you can reliably withstand dairy products or butter without harm. And the can of beer or melon will be beautifully chilled. But it is true that Ezetil E3000 has so-called " Boost function, which is a fast-cooling mode in which the cooling tow motor rotates at higher speeds. The above mentioned model is also great to have a digital display with internal temperature measurement. You have a perfect view of the environment without having to verify it by opening the lid and unnecessary thermal leakage. Also look at the new Compass, which offers a total of cheap Compass 25 l cooling unit BLUE 220 / 12 V, which has a temperature display, a connection to 12 and 220V and even a heating function.

This compares significantly to the active cooling boxes, some of which are sufficient for use in a very warm environment.



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