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Compressor car refrigerator Indel B TB51A - review

So, before this year's trip to the Balkans, I slapped a little over my pocket and finally bought a good car day out of my saved money. On previous trips we used classic cooling boxes from Campingaz and Ezetil. However, when standing in a column or warmer weather could not manage to cool the stored things and some of the food that we took to travel to Greece deserve more cold.

Hotel Reviews - Camping Melissi, Halkidiki - Greece

Are you going on your own under a tent or caravan to Greece this year? Maybe you would like a tip for a relaxing camp right by the sea in the area of ​​Chalkidiki on the Sithonia peninsula. I will write a separate article about the journey through Serbia and Macedonia, for example next time, now I will focus more on the description of the area and its surroundings and other possibilities. for campers and caravans.

Top rated campsites 2019/2020 - TOP 20

You are certainly curious about which campsites are among the best rated and that by your guests for the years 2019 / 2020. Traditionally, campsites from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are rated. This year we got to TOP 20 some interesting campsites, which certainly surprised with its innovations. I won't stretch you. Here are the top twenty you have chosen ...

Spring camps and their news for this season

Most of us think about camping only in connection with summer and summer holidays. What about spring? The best time of the year, when the temperature is between 15-22 degrees, is pleasant and perhaps besides swimming you can do anything and the weather wishes many activities such as: cycling, fishing, or organizing various events, trips and family gatherings ..

My reasons to buy a motor home

Greetings to all travelers and caravans. Here I am adding my first video, which is a basic preface to the motorhome travel series through the eyes of a beginner. smiley If you like it, give it a like, or share and shoot next.

Camping on the Wild by the Sea - Greece

440 km - I just love Greece and never fail. Our first road with a lifting roof had to inevitably head right here. In addition, we chose, as I always dreamed of at least two crews, how much a friend bought older California. We had already started our journey together, which ended up in Slovenia, but it was only three days together.

Christmas camping vouchers for the 2020 season

Don't have a present for your loved ones yet? Never mind, we have a few tips for you and Vouchers for campsites that you can give to your family or friends. This year there are available Vouchers to the camp Dolce in the Giant Mountains. You can also get a New Year's Eve voucher. Furthermore, a discount voucher for family camp Karolina in the district Tachov and much more .. So choose if they are still available ..

Caravan all year round - direction Legoland Germany and Zoo

Caravan to Legoland - a "little" surprise for children. Little, 9-year-old architect of the lego-world and still a little playful, 12-year-old young man, responded with unbridled joy!

4. May 18: 30 CET - lightly packed we leave for a few days Prešov and after cross-section of Slovakia and Moravia we fall asleep near Olomouc on a rest area while sleeping trucks and other cars.

France - meeting of caravans - FICC 2019

The name Brittany gave the city a castle of 11. century, around which grew up a city with a preserved historic center. In addition to the castle, the city is known for its cattle market and exhibition grounds. And this is the fair the organizers chose to place the Rally. The space for the organizers was not simple, basically it was an event on the meadow.

How to put a baby bed in Kempervan

Our family has grown in the last year by one little princess who is sleeping in a stroller or between us. Leonard is five years old and needs his own sleep. In the past, I did sleep in the back of the car at the place where the trunk tray that can be moved across the front seats. The condition, however, was that there is a self-folding cot. Otherwise he would fall from here.

Italy with minicaravan - wild camping

Getting started. Do you like to travel wildly? We do, we don't suffer too much at campsites and until we had children we slept in the car in places we liked. With the children there were minor complications, although we folded into the car, but the organization of things for the night is quite difficult and so it was decided how to solve it.

How to internalize campervan

I have had a fruitful weekend. On Friday we were in Vienna for the sixth Solar Circus. Amaluna was fantastic and I'd say it was the best circus ever I've seen. I love the circus and it certainly wasn't the last one we looked at. Leonard was on Sunshine for the first time, and he wasn't breathing in amazement at times. Perhaps she will have this passion for her father, although Veronica also likes the circus very much.


Where to go in Liptov in summer with a caravan, bike or on foot

Liptov is beautiful and there is a huge variety of activities. I live here from birth and try to give some tips for those who are coming here. Hiking is what attracts most people here, so I'll start it. There are many nice hiking trails around Ružomberok. I will mention the ones I have usually attended with my family, so I know that recreational tourists can handle them.