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Caravan to sunny Tuscany

We were going to Tuscany last year, but our duties shifted our departure to the end of September, which is a great chance that you will just enjoy your holiday under the umbrella. So we moved it to this year and we did well because another car joined us for the first time, so it was more cheerful and even Leonard had friends who finally understood him.

Tips for events in 2019

If you like events like us and the whole vacation, do not lie somewhere near the water, so these tips are just for you. Here we bring news from campsites, where various events for children and adults are held. The camps and their events below also provide accommodation both in cottages, apartments and caravans and their own tent.

Caravan to Switzerland - greyhound races

I have to say that the trip, although short, was very successful and we passed the caravan with sadness. But we had a beautiful dream that we would certainly repeat. The caravan drove us very comfortably, the equipment was excellent - it was hard to remember if we were missing something. Perhaps only the longer trip. We traveled three adults - I slept on a baby bed and slept like a baby.

Tips for campsites near water - dams, lakes, ponds

We will all agree that the most visited camps are the ones that are at some water. Whether it is a lake, a dam, or a pond, everyone gets the most. Holiday at the water is just a top .. But even if the campsite is located by the water, it does not mean that it will provide sufficient facilities for families with children as well as for campsites, caravans, cyclists and the like.

Supply through Italian campsites with two-month Elizabet

Albania did not work very well in the spring, and in the summer, Princess Elizabeth was born. Her second month of life we ​​decided to celebrate with moths, according to the model of Leonard, who also had his first trip to the sea in two months. Leonard was in the rented apartment, but Elizabeth was waiting in the car. It is true that we still had a Little Mouse at Leonard who was not as comfortable as Mercedes.

Delivery to Eastern Bohemia - where to the Zoo

Not every journey must unconditionally lead beyond Czechoslovakia. Our countries are beautiful and definitely there is something to admire. Our little Leonard was nine months old and a month ago we were preparing for his first long trip to our Mici. We wanted to first test how it would endure and we manage, so we chose for a weekend in northern Bohemia.