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Start adventures with our Ford Transit Camper Laika

The first part (video) is about how to go mad and buy an old caravan ... If you could help us with anything, let us know. And stay tuned because we will try to bring in your screens a bit of our sorrow and joy. So gloom is in place .. :). The first video is about the concerns surrounding our old-fashioned Camper Ford Transit Laika 1979.

Caravan from France to Austrian Alps - Part 10.

We start swimming in the swimming pool Monday - day and we find out that the only couple who is swimming here is the Czechs who come for the wine. No sights are planned anymore, just the last waterfall aqueduct in Gemenos. So, again, we were guided by the guides on the net, the aqueduct is on private land, it is old so maximum 50 flight and waterfall has a height of less than 3 meters :-(

Caravan to France - sights and attractions

Getting started early in the Abbaye Saint Hilaire Abbey. If the cars are not in front of the gate, we believe it is abandoned here. The entrance is free again and the whole area can be scared until it freezes. Lacoste - the residence of the Markýza de Sade, an inaccessible castle and a nice little town with beautiful views of the countryside, the same tourist. Bonnieux - the absolute French countryside. We climb up to the church where there is a parc.

Caravan or caravan - 2017 / 2018 statistics

Caravans are a popular conversation about selling more trailers, caravans, or caravans, and more in camps. In Europe it is clear for many years that the new registers have very ordinary cars. Overall, at least in the 2017 year, the ratio of trailers and motor homes registered in Member States ECF 3 362 95 / 1 866 750.

Standing in Poland, or where to go with a caravan

Poland is getting into the lookout for tourists and campsites all the more, the more. However, many Polish camps do not meet the expectations of the visitors, which means they often do not meet the European standards of camping and recreation facilities. Therefore, it is necessary to choose with discretion. Now we bring you a list of "TOP 7" camps where you can stay in a tent (or with your own tent) or with a caravan / caravan.

Caravan from France to Austrian Alps - Part 8.

Saturday - Uzés - the golden peak of our trip - the amazing Saturday market, when the whole city turns into one big market with everything you can think of. It is not up to you to sit down in the garden and watch the crowing of the people. We note that the market is increasing every year and is increasing even to visitors. Where are the times that we parked at the church and had a bit of it on the market.

Caravan from France to Austrian Alps - Part 6.

Thursday - after nightfall of clouds we can see what water can do without regulation - the first dam on the river is 70 km downstream and nothing more. The level went up by a meter, and the quiet joke where we wanted to bathe yesterday is a raging stream where only a fool would climb. But we continue in history: the following monument is the only Chateau de la Lavoute Polignac in the upper Loire Valley.

Caravan from France to Austrian Alps - Part 4.

Tuesday - We missed Perouges yesterday, so this is the number one goal this morning. It is a beautiful ancient town where you will return to 200 years back in time. There is not a season, so there are not so many people, just a few school tours, just a splendor. Here we again confirm the somewhat tupoid behavior of the inhabitants behind the former Iron Curtain. On the "ladies" like everywhere when there are more people there is a queue.