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Caravan from France to Austrian Alps - Part 2.

2. DAY Sunday - after breakfast we can go out. We are waiting for the Swiss Alps outside highways and paid tunnels and we want to enjoy them. We are heading for Martin (this time is the border crossing without any problems, last year we were scolding if we do not get migrants or meat), Scuol, Susch (where, unlike last year, we turn to Davos) and stop at Sankt Moritz for a city tour and a trip along the lake.

Caravan from France to the Austrian Alps - Lanquedoc and Provence

Snidane in Prutz Camping

I love 3 things: wake up next to my Janinky, wake up in the summer Alps and roam the South African countryside. It is precisely in this order and it is perfectly ideal to bring everything together. So wrap up and drive for two weeks to the south. For sure, we changed the oil in the car and checked the brakes, then the car moved in the seat instead of the seats, a few things on the way and they set off.

10 caravan or caravan travel tips - the first ride

Caravans MR

We've written a few paragraphs that can help you get started in the right direction! Are you going to go on your first caravan trip? Great! It's an exciting time of freedom, fun and excitement from new experience. But it's also a big step. It may be more demanding than at first sight.

Tips for European camps from France, Italy, Hungary and Germany

Camping France

You decide now where to go for your next summer 2019 vacation? Here are some interesting tips on where to go by caravan (caravan) or just with your family to the chalets. In this article, we focused on Camping landscapes that tourists generally like to visit. Campaign countries undoubtedly include Italy, Bulgaria, France, Germany and Hungary

Holiday in Malá Skála

Today we came back with our caravan from holidays, which we spent in Malá Skála. I have to say that we enjoyed the holiday. From the beginning, we were wondering if our kids would love Maloskalsko. When we started talking about them before the holidays holiday to have fun, their clear word was that they wanted to go to the sea.

Review of the folding camping chair Divero

Since I spend quite a bit of time at the campsite, at the fish or at the cottage, and I often find a suitable place to sit, I bought a classic camping chair for a few crowns in the supermarket. I was quite satisfied with it and it lasted for a long time, but this year, cracks appeared on its cover and I decided it was a good time to get something better.

Competition for vouchers for caravans and stans - Slovak camps

Camping Nižné Alums

Another of the 2017 competitions will be the promised prize competition for the best quality Slovak Camping. Compete for vouchers for caravans and for guests with their own tents. Gift vouchers to the competition were provided by Senec Slnečné Jazerá (West Slovakia) and Camping Belá - Nižné Kamence (Mala Fatra). You can pay vouchers for accommodation with own caravan or tent ...

Where to camp with children - West Bohemia

Camp Karolina - cottages

For great feedback on accommodation in West Bohemia we bring you another interesting tip. We always pick from proven camps with history. Such camps also include Camp Karolina, which lies in the middle of the forest, yet within reach of all infrastructure. This campsite is much visited not only for its location but also for its tranquility. That's why you can see many families with children here.

Solar Chargers - News and Trends

Goal zero Solar Charger

Are you already on holiday without juice? As far as the fruit is concerned, it is not a problem, however, as far as the synonym of energy for your appliance is concerned. Imagine that you get batteries in your mobile phone, navigation, camera or tablet.