Traveling with a caravan

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Holiday Planning - Tips & Tips

Where to go - accommodation

Surely, each of you knows the situation when you have invented in the middle of the summer season that you want to go on a vacation to the campsite, or to the cottage or to the boarding house. Unfortunately, your demand for accommodation has encountered a number of problems such as the operator's late response or a fully occupied campsite. In this article we will try to advise you and help you to book and plan your holiday properly.

Slovak camps from the point of view of the campsite association SR

Slovak Association of Camps SACC

For those of you who are interested in news from the world of caravan campsites, campsites and holiday resorts from Slovakia, we have prepared an interview with a senior representative and representative of the Slovak Association of Camps SACC with Mr. Ing. Duck. If you were planning to visit Slovak Camping this year, we bring you information and an overview of camps worth seeing ..

Chemical toilets - basic advice before purchasing

Are you trying to buy a chemical toilet in a caravan, a camper, a boat, or a cottage? We have prepared some tips for you to use before buying it. Most chemical labs on our market are made up of two separable trays. The upper one is for water and for flushing and the bottom serves for waste. The chemical toilet has a handle or handrail on the sides.

On holiday caravan?

Caravan in 3000 mum - OK caravans

On the Slovakian roads, most of the campsite of foreign tourists can be seen. Domestic travelers still have not found what kind of benefits the choice of this vehicle and the hotel can have in one. Here's the ordinary caravan rental you can experience and save much more.