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Rating of the retro electric bike Greaser - Ekolo for trips to the city

I bought an e-bike more than a year ago. But I didn't want them to point a finger at me, and he was driving. It didn't happen to me with this Ekol because it's special. Everyone looks back at him, or when I stand somewhere, someone often stops and asks questions, both men and women. Lest not, I would do the same. The first year I was glad that such an Ebike no one has far and wide.

I bought a new Ergon SMC MTB saddle - evaluation and comparison

I have been actively riding a mountain bike since 2019. From the very beginning, I quickly discovered that cycling asphalts would not be my hunting ground. It drew me to the woods and to various more technical sections or hills. I just wanted to see nice places. Unfortunately, getting to such locations costs something. In this case, a lot of energy and decent cycling equipment.

A dwelling across a Slovenian camp - Vintgar Gorge

For us who are heading for the sea, Slovenia is just a kind of transit in the sun to Croatia. But we must realize that Slovenia is a beautiful country full of beautiful lakes, caves, mountains and just about anything one could want for your vacation. Of course, it has a bit of the sea, but it is not yet used for recreation as in Croatia.

How I got into caravanning

How can one become a caravanist? I know, you will say, it is not a cheap affair, but even with a little good will you can save on it. I traveled a lot by plane, but also on a motorcycle and this was something new that I was very tempted to try. Lots of things I should know, so I bought an old apartment building and that's how I started.

Caravan in Spain - reviews of the campsite Bonterra

Greetings to all caravans. On the way we visited a Spanish camp. We are slowly heading back, so we decided to anchor ourselves in a luxurious 5 * Bonterra Resort campsite, let's try something else and know what to expect from it next time and if it will pay off at all. The 20-minute video gives an exhaustive statement of how it was and was not ...

Evaluation of the Sedmihorky campsite in the Bohemian Paradise from the point of view of a caravanist

A trip to the Sedmihorky camp was our first major caravan trip for a few days. And it was also a trip, when we fully tried to level the caravan in a quite steep place. At the same time, we made a few trips around the area and enjoyed the rich program that the Sedmihorky camp offers. We were even so lucky that we arrived on day 60.

Return to the campsite La Rocca, or tips for trips around

And here it is !! The weather in September wishes us, so we are planning a trip to the La Rocca campsite in Konstantinovy ​​Lázně again. This time already in full formation, even with his daughter. The last time we got there with bicycles was by train. This time we put it in full fire on bikes from Pilsen to the camp - 45 km. We are waiting for our daughter to get out of school, things packed and around 16.00 we leave.

Pavlásk's analysis - how it goes in Czech camps

If you are a fan of camping and camping and everything around it, then you just have to see this video. There is a lot of truth in that, but Pavlásek surrounded it so much that I didn't laugh so much in a whole year. :)). Video on the topic "Kokoti v kempu" not only for campers.

Rating of the Bear Grylls knife from the cyclist's point of view

Finally, the weather came out for the weekend and we decided to ride our bikes and go roast our sandwiches. By the term "weather came out" I understand that we only got wet once :). On that occasion, I decided to finally evaluate my darling, namely the Bear Grylls knife, full name "Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife SE" ...

Where to go to camp in Tuscany, or summer in Italy

We are all waiting for the situation to turn out, but we already assume that the summer season will take place more or less without major complications. In the Czech Republic, reservations for campsites for summer are already being made, and this is no different in the Italian camping powerhouse. That is why we bring tips for holidays in Tuscany, which is one of the most popular destinations on the Apennine Peninsula ...


My reasons to buy a motor home

Greetings to all travelers and caravans. Here I am adding my first video, which is a basic preface to the motorhome travel series through the eyes of a beginner. smiley If you like it, give it a like, or share and shoot next.

Ford Transit camper - the end?

6 months have passed since the beginning of the rebuilding, and we are going through various logs that this old caravan is throwing under our feet. You will not learn about how it all turns out in this masterpiece. Or at least learn about the logs. That it would end our renovation? ... :)