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Ford Transit camper - the end?

6 months have passed since the beginning of the rebuilding, and we are going through various logs that this old caravan is throwing under our feet. You will not learn about how it all turns out in this masterpiece. Or at least learn about the logs. That it would end our renovation? ... :)

With retro E-wheel to Karolina campsite - 68 km

The first serious challenge for this retro e-bike is here. For reminder, the round has an official 50 km range. My planned Pilsen - Karolina camp has 68 km. I tested it around town and across suburban areas, but the rides took place on asphalt that puts minimal resistance. As part of the test, I drove over the 74 km and the flashlight was still empty.

Retro bike Greaser on trip - Hracholusky dam

And here it is. The first retro fable challenge, where you can enjoy a real ride while testing the guaranteed range on one 50 km charge. Not that I am not driving around the city, but this bike gives me feelings of freedom and independence as "young" and plundering the city is not what I bought it for.

Plzen Lochotin - Hracholusky 26 km

Trip with Greaser on the Krkavec lookout tower

As the first trip with a retro bike around Greaser, I chose the Krkavec lookout tower, which contains both asphalt and forest paved paths. The distance 8km (back and forth) is not dizzy, but it is enough for the first ride. I took my brother, who is an active sportsman. That's why he took the classic medium-tailed Hard tail from Focus.

Safety of campervan and crew

I am a realist, so I do not see the world in which I live in pink or black. Every traveler has a bit of a measure of risk tolerance, because otherwise he couldn't go on a trip to the unknown without worrying about sleep. I did not realize it if our travels did not begin to comment on our acquaintances and unknowns. It is said that we are not afraid to sleep somewhere in the middle of the forest or in an abandoned place.

Fun camping and camping - video

Spring is already in full swing and everybody starts again to attract camping - camping and holidays. Here's a video on "Camping" funny ads from around the world just for fun. Fun has to be .. cheeky

Ferry to Greece

Today we look at what it is like to travel by ferry to Greece on our own. A number of travel agencies offer this route as part of cognitive and subsistence tours, but you know traveling with CK is like sucking bonbon in cellophane. The true travel experience brings travel along your own axis, without precise times and rules. Although ... at least the time of departure of the ferry will have to be met.

Where in Liptov in winter - skiing

In the distance to 40km from Ruzomberok you will find several excellent ski resorts. I will start my favorite and it is him Kubínska Hoľa. In this center you will find everything that is here to be. The center is divided into the lower and upper parts. At the bottom they come to their beginners, children or people who love huge carvings.