Visit of the Castle Hluboká

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Our vacation in South Bohemia was definitely coming to an end. From our penultimate stop in Lipno, the road was a bit more northerly to Hluboká nad Vltavou. Although we were accommodated in pleasant boarding houses during the holiday, we chose (we do not even know why) the last night Podhrad. This is already a little out of the field of camping and camping, but we wanted to enjoy it and enjoy a bit of luxury at the end of J and paid off, because the accommodation was very nice, it did not seem to me at all, but rather as a place royal. So when we put our bags in the room, which we did not plan to unpack, we could not afford it, and for a moment we sat down on a comfortable bed and just laughed.

I suppose we would have lain for a few hours, but I forced myself and her husband to lazy and we headed up to the castle, in comfortable boots, which are also necessary for such "untrue". I was in the castle years ago on a trip with my parents, but I remember something from the visit, I can not really say it.

The visitors were heading for the castle quite a bit, but in the large chateau park, their amount was somewhat dispersed, so when we bought a ticket to the "Showroom" touring circuit, which is one of the six touring options, we headed right there. Walking through the park was very pleasant, for a while we sat on the bench and enjoyed the surroundings. If we had more action, then we could go through the nature trail through the chateau park, which is a long 2,5 kilometer.

History of Chateau Hluboká goes to 13. century, when it was built as a guard castle. The last owners, who largely deserved their extensive redevelopment in the second half of 19. century, were Schwarzenbergs. Interestingly, the Windsor Royal Chateau was the design for the rebuilding. The aristocratic family did not save on the reconstruction or furnishing of the interiors because the chateau spaces are magnificent and beautifully furnished. It's what to watch.

After a tour of the castle, we were very lucky, so we refreshed a bit. We were still happy for other experiences, so we went to the quay at the Munice Pond and left the boat to the Zoo and Ohrada Castle. I refused to go to the castle where the Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fisheries is, because this issue does not "take me" so we went only to the zoo. Although it is much smaller than the Prague one, it is very nicely designed and there is more than enough to see.

After visiting the ZOO, we went to the hotel on foot. It took us a little bit of strength, but when we were in the room "gala", the promised dinner was waiting for us as a tasting four-course menu. And so I first tasted a bake soup, enjoying a red beet starter, pork tenderloin and a wonderful dessert. I should probably say it was the last holiday dot.

But it was not. We also have a whirlpool in the wellness area and swimming pool. It was a balm for your legs. We just missed a massive massage after a hearty dinner .... The last night is our vacation in South Bohemia and you will learn the next time we went to Croatia.



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