Best Family Tents for 2020

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Because we travel every summer with a family and a big tent for camps in the Czech Republic and Europe, I look quite around and wonder what tents are used by other guests in the camp. Sometimes it is a variety of bizarre supermarket models, sometimes on the road, you can meet old Technolena cloth hangars. Yes, that's where you could not touch the walls during the rain, because at that moment the waterproofness was gone. In southern Europe, Italy, Greece or Slovenia, for example Quechua self-build tents are very popular. You build them with a self-build construction very quickly, but the water resistance parameters are ideal for the most part of the summer Mediterranean. In our camps, the situation is a bit different. People choose tents that can withstand both permanent rain and some breeze. On one Youtube video I found a list of 4 family tents, which should become a sales hit in the Czech Republic this season. So let's take a closer look at them. I will not compare them to my beloved ones Husky Bolen 5, about which I wrote last review, but we look more like what kind of model can be so interesting to get into this ranking.

Coleman Waterfall 5 - This is the stall between the family tents, and this is exactly the model you can see in the Czech campsite. Tunnel construction, separate bedrooms, large entrance area to close and play cards when it rains. And what we're going to talk about, it's happening quite often during the holidays. Super features such as the 220 V cable. Stability and water resistance are sufficient.

Husky Caravan 22 - Obr! This is the first thing I thought. This family tent is as big as your garage. Has 22 m2 desktop. I think there is a car or a whole Kelly Familly. This is, of course, a prank, but if someone goes with relatives or 5 children, it will be great. An ideal hangar for long-term camping in one place. After a week I would not want to bother him. The Paramerts are similar to Coleman, plus a marquise can be bought.

Easy Camp Blizzard 300 - This is a little exotic model. Not that I have not heard of this Danish brand yet, but the type of construction is really unconventional. It is rather a smaller family tent, which, rather than dimensions, is attracted by inflatable rods. Yes, you hear well. Design - The arches are inflatable. With a classic two-way pump, you will inflate and turn off the tent. No folding of rods and tunnel insertion. It's definitely a time saving, just feared what will happen until the arc accidentally breaks. But they'll do it for Coleman to produce similar tents (even for non-Christian money) and there's a tubus to replace.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 - So this model really got me. In a good meaning. At first glance it looks more like a Mongolian yurt or party tent. But under this masking, there is a huge inner space for 8 people, which you can divide into more bedrooms. In addition, you have a panoramic view all around, because there are windows throughout the shop. It's great that you can cover the mosquitoes with the mosquitoes and the curtains behind the curious neighbors. The floor is stitched all over the interior and the entrance is slightly raised against the dirt. For camping in the family somewhere by the sea, the windows have great air circulation. While camping in the Czech Republic and in cooler weather, I would be just about this one. Anyway, he is most interesting for me. Even because you can use it for a party at the garden party.

Next time I will try to look at some light tents for those who carry the "house" to the camp on their own back. ;)



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