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Reviews of Greek camp in Chalkidiki - camping Armenistis

If you go to Greece with a tent or caravan and your destination is Chalkidiki, be sure not to miss its middle "finger". The Sithonia peninsula has captivated us with its beautiful greenery and crystal clear sea, which is why we often return here. We stayed on one such adventurous trip in the Armenistis campsite near Sarti and we bring our experiences and tips in a detailed review.

Nové Hamry - a tip for a relaxing holiday in the Ore Mountains

There is no doubt that we should give more support to domestic tourism. Especially when he suffered an almost fatal pandemic slap this year. I decided to write to you about a place in the Ore Mountains, which is not one of the "proven" centers of the Krkonoše type. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer and is close to my heart in the Ore Mountains. The secret tip is Nové Hamry.

Ore Mountains - sunrise on Tisovský Hill

Winter is relentlessly knocking on the door and you are definitely wondering where to go for winter, half-year or spring holidays. If you are going to one of the increasingly popular resorts in the Ore Mountains, we have a tip for you for an unforgettable trip.

Skiing in the German Alps - Pfronten im Allgäu

When it comes to skiing in Germany, many people like Garmisch - Partenkirchen, Berchtesgaden or Oberstdorf. We have chosen a resort this year, which is a bit unfairly interesting for Czech tourists. It is situated in the southwest of Germany in Bavaria in the Allgäu region. He is famous for his monuments (eg.

Camping to the wild - Greece

I decided to write this article about camping in the wild in Greece based on many years of experience with a stay in this beautiful country. It is such a small guide for those of you who want to go to the Balkans by caravan or car on their own axis. But especially for backpackers who go for the first time with a backpack on their back and do not know what to expect from the occasional sleep in the wild.

Skiing in Germany - Grosser Arber

Velký Javor or Großer Arber is a mountain on the Czech-Bavarian border, to which many Czech tourists look from Železná Ruda. It is located a few kilometers west of the town of Bayerisch Eisenstein and with its height of 1456 m is an unmissable landmark of Šumava. During your winter holiday in one of the Železnorudské resorts, you don't just have to look at it, but you can take a ride from it in