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France - meeting of caravans - FICC 2019

The name Brittany gave the city a castle of 11. century, around which grew up a city with a preserved historic center. In addition to the castle, the city is known for its cattle market and exhibition grounds. And this is the fair the organizers chose to place the Rally. The space for the organizers was not simple, basically it was an event on the meadow.

Caravan or caravan - 2017 / 2018 statistics

Caravans are a popular conversation about selling more trailers, caravans, or caravans, and more in camps. In Europe it is clear for many years that the new registers have very ordinary cars. Overall, at least in the 2017 year, the ratio of trailers and motor homes registered in Member States ECF 3 362 95 / 1 866 750.