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It reminded me, as if my wife was yawning with her mouth open and I immediately told her: so it's not my darlings, you're on ...
28.06.2022 - 13: 37 display
This photo was taken directly in the Karolina campsite :) You just can't add it here :)
28.06.2022 - 13: 06 display
And my second TOP photo of Greas. Photographed on the pier at Bolevecké rybníky in Pilsen :)
27.06.2022 - 12: 28 display
Dikes :) And I thought that you would praise my wisdom of life, namely: Don't try to want nature, or it will screw you up :) and how ...
23.08.2021 - 20: 02 display
Cawko. Of course, here is a photo from the map, which is to be shared. I marked the circles with points where you will find a fireplace ..;)
03.08.2021 - 11: 18 display
I will add the location to the camp and add information that the camping part is part of the area where the pension is .. :)
21.06.2021 - 21: 36 display