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We are slowly approaching the holiday and we are all looking for different camps, resorts, or cottages and boarding houses where we could spend a holiday with our family or with our party. But why choose the right accommodation? Do the recommendations of friends or read reviews? Or are they more interested in the official evaluation of state agencies that have conducted evaluation according to their own standards or according to European Union standards?

Now, let's take a look at some options and what kind of references to choose the right accommodation for our holiday. At the heart, the references and recommendations can be divided into five categories.

  • Evaluation of government agencies
  • Guest ratings and recommendations
  • References from acquaintances
  • Subjective assessments of private sectors
  • Recommendations of sites and objects on their own web sites

Evaluation of government agencies

State agencies that support tourism are usually subsidized by the state and the European Union. Their evaluation follows from the general standards that are given by the European Union. Such agencies may include, for example, the "Czech Quality System of Service or CSKS", "Camping Association for the Czech Republic" or "". When we ignore the fact that the agents of the agencies have to report on the funding provided by the state, most potential visitors are not quite sure what exactly the "number of stars" given to the camp or boarding house is. Their ratings are usually a guarantee that we will not find dirty social facilities or a broken door on the closet. Here, it is important to remember that an inspector comes to the facility, which all staff, including the owners know, to be an inspector and, accordingly, behave properly and as we all know, it may sometimes be that reluctant staff can make us very uncomfortable with the holiday .

Certificate of travel management. hurry - archive photo

Guest ratings and recommendations

This alternative seems to us the most feasible. Based on our experience, as the tour operators of the tourist portal, we are obliged to draw attention to the pitfalls of other guests' reviews, which do not always have to be based on an objective opinion that is most interesting to us all. Sometimes we meet guests who do not spend different titles at the addresses of other guests (mostly from camps) or directly at the operator. Such "rating" violates the rules of loyal behavior, and we have no place in our (and other) portals. Guests who are upset often have problems before or have problems all the time. So even if the negative comments you see, what is the necessity, because not every accommodation is for everyone, so take care of what the review means for you. That's also why you notice what other guest wrote and not how many stars he gave. Irritated guest = biased review ..

Accommodation guesthouses, chalets, cottages - reviews

References from acquaintances

Familiars and friends often seem to us as the best source. We also use the recommendations of acquaintances, but rather when it comes to some goods. From our acquaintances, we can easily find out if the goods are of the same quality as the companies promise. But to ask about acquaintances? If our buddies have the same taste we do, but if it is not so, we recommend not to rely on what buddies say. Of course, providing information about the atmosphere at the campsite or at the cottage is certainly useful, however, it is recommended to take it rather as a minor plus and continue to find other references ...

Subjective assessments of private sectors

The private sector can be considered by TV Nova inspectors, who evaluate on the basis of standards that we have not been able to trace anywhere. In any case, we were looking for (and found) no information on whether Tv Nova's inspectors are in some way connected to state organizations, so their assessment is currently considered to be a "private public rating". Anyway, we can perceive this assessment as objective and also tell us if the device is worth a visit or not. The stars that are awarded here are not definitely for 02 campsites ...

Inspector Nova Silver Star

Recommendations of sites and objects on their own web sites

Surely you've all met with various references on the home page of the boarding house, cottage or camp you are about to visit. Such references do not give too much confidence to most of the guests, as the question arises whether the owners of their sites do not show up just what they want. In order to find out if these references are correct, look for the sign-in or writing reviews. If you did not find it, it means that the references are added by operators to their own website at their discretion and can not be considered trusted.

What's going on ...?

The ideal combination is to find references and reviews from friends if the campsite, chat or guest house visited them in the near future. Consequently, it is ideal to look for independent reviews of other people and then look at the evaluation of government agencies that support tourism.

Previously, however, you have to think about what accommodation you are interested in and in what atmosphere you want to spend your holiday. Do you want privacy? Or a lot of attractions for children and for you? Or are you sporting and spend most of your time on a bike, fish or water? Is the main accommodation for you, or guaranteeing quality activities for your vacation? When you successfully answer these questions, then just start looking for the ideal accommodation for your vacation.

If you would like to share your opinion with us, do not hesitate to join us here:

Discussion / poll - what are your choices for holiday


Claudia's picture
Claudia (unregistered) 13. September 2020 - 0: 41

Thank you for the helpful article on how to choose a holiday. It helped us to orient ourselves better ;-)

Felipa's picture
Felipa (unregistered) 6. September 2020 - 2: 21

We prefer to choose based on the recommendations of acquaintances, campsites in particular :-)

Admin's picture
admin 21. May 2015 - 13: 28

I can add that even user reviews on such portals as our "" are as objective as possible. We post reviews of all guests who adhere to rules of good behavior. Current and up-to-date ratings can be found in the section "ACCOMMODATION REVIEW" directly on the main menu of Reviews are divided into Camps, cabins and guesthouses ...

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