Castles and chateaux

From the Lusatian Mountains to Germany to Oybin Castle

The time of covid was not over, but my friend and I still wanted to go somewhere on vacation. I was driving the internet and came across a beautiful caravan. I immediately fell in love with her according to the photos. The bungalow was located in the Beautiful Field. We decided to go out on the weekend, it's better for us in time. I had the reservation done in a few minutes and it was enough to wait a week and we could go.

Hooray for Bezděz Castle! - a tip for a family trip to Liberec

As I wrote last time (well, it's been more than a year), when I mainly wake up to a terribly brilliant idea, my husband has no choice but to go on a more or less amazing trip with me. And last autumn, and I remember exactly that, because on the way to the castle we collected fallen nuts, so we went to Bezděz Castle. It was my first time, so I was full of expectations…

To the heart of Bohemian Paradise perpendicular

Are you also heartbreakers and do you love trips through our bows and groves? You have a "recht" who is looking for a burned back from the Adriatic, or an unpleasant memory of sea jellyfish. We fell in love with cycling holidays in the Czech Republic (without children, perhaps forgive us). What more can you ask for, you will only pack the most necessary and if you forget something, the world will not collapse.

Biking at the weekend: Plzeň - Rokycany - Radyně Castle

A weekend ahead of us and lots of excess energy at hand, so what about it? We planned a ride with Lukáš from the cycling group. Last week, I picked me, now he is. I'm curious what awaits me and misses. In addition to that, at the last minute we also added another friend Jirka. The plan was clear. Start in Pilsen around the Ejpovice and Klabava reservoirs with a break in Rokycany ..

Trip to Konopiště Chateau

It also happens to you sometimes that you don't have much time, but would you still like to put your worries behind your head and go somewhere? If so, you're just like me. Well, when that happens, I try to come up with at least a short trip. If something (and not always terribly ingenious) comes to mind, then the most important thing remains. To persuade my husband to come with me.

Cimburk u Koryčan - the ancient king of the Chribes

Last spring I took my husband on a small trip to Chřiby. He's never been there, which is incomprehensible to me, because he's always been here a bit. On the contrary, I spent my childhood in Chřiby thanks to scout camps. And I'm grateful for that. I always have a nostalgic mood here. But then the sensible voice in my head sounds and says, “Girl, come to your senses!

When you want to shorten your time at Kratochvil Castle

The next day after our visit to the revolving auditorium, when literally bursting into our shoes during the theater performance, as I mentioned in the previous article, we have traveled in the footsteps of history on Chateau Kratochvíle. This is because we like to visit the castles but also because the weather was somewhat unstable and it seemed that it could start to rain at any moment.

Trip to the Ratibořice Chateau - Babiččino údolí

When my stay in Janské Lázně finally ended after three weeks, we decided to take another trip on the way home. We said we would go back to our childhood and visit Grandmother's Valley and Ratibořice Chateau, as many years ago on a school trip. We left the car in the Babiččino údolí car park and set off for our destination.

New Year's Eve in Forest Theater

A few years ago, we decided to spend the last day of the year with acquaintances in the Českolipsko region in log cabins, of which there are many in these places. There were a total of eight of us, and of course my friend Stacy was not missing, which I mentioned in some previous posts.

At Pecka Castle

It was enough to drive less than forty kilometers from Janské Lázně to the southwest to get to the parking lot of Pecka Castle during the next free afternoon. According to the information available on his website, he is the only interior accessible the object of the Central Podkrkonoší and the Giant Mountains.

Caravan from France to Austrian Alps - Part 6.

Thursday - after nightfall of clouds we can see what water can do without regulation - the first dam on the river is 70 km downstream and nothing more. The level went up by a meter, and the quiet joke where we wanted to bathe yesterday is a raging stream where only a fool would climb. But we continue in history: the following monument is the only Chateau de la Lavoute Polignac in the upper Loire Valley.

Hurá na Pravda Castle

After many years, my friend Stacy came to me. So, to be accurate, my friend Stáňa arrives. But before the revolution we met, Stacy sounded much better, somewhat more "American". And it just went. So this Stacy visited me after years, and we did not think anything else but to repeat the Truth for years.

Go to America!

camping Amerika

If you are planning an active holiday in the west of Bohemia - specifically to the Karlovy Vary region and you want to have quality facilities for your trips, I recommend the America campsite. It is located approximately two kilometers from Františkovy Lázně and 12 kilometers from Cheb near the pond of the same name Amerika.