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Cottage U Hovorků


Czech Republic



Chalupa U Hovorků - recreation in the Třeboň region

The cottage U Hovorků is located right in the center of the Vlkov village, yet in a quiet place, surrounded by gardens. Reconstructed, more than a hundred years old cottage U Hovorků with the capacity of 12 to 15 guests in four rooms (with a yard and a garden with a new children's playground). The garden can be tanned. The entire attic is stylishly made in wood. Standard equipment, fully equipped kitchen, two common rooms. Wi-fi internet free of charge. Upon agreement, it is possible to provide full privacy throughout the premises. Extensive offer of accompanying services. The cottage is particularly suited for the stay of larger families or groups.


Accommodation in Trebon

The cottage is particularly suited for the stay of larger families or groups. The rooms are two, three and four-bedded. If the bathroom in the attic is not enough, it is possible to use the bathrooms on the ground floor as well as the toilet, which is right at the entrance of the cottage. Common kitchen allows you to prepare your own meals and is fully equipped with utensils. There is an electric stove, microwave or hot-air oven, electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster, toaster, fridge, washing-line, boiler etc. But the beer tastes best from the seventh (really third) the step of a small loch, where it is necessary to watch your head. If necessary, it is possible to heat with an electric heater. They are also available to guests two community / dining rooms.

It's in the yard possible to park in the car's safety. There is also no 2005 built wheelchair with special wheel mounts to ensure their secure storage. The garden is small fireplace and here you can use ours grill. Since 2013 has been set up in the garden for the smallest playground .


Total the capacity of the cottage is 12 beds (two, 2x three and four-bed rooms) with the possibility of additional 3 extra beds and the option to further expand into tents in the garden, which also has its supporters. Your Home Officer will gladly help you with any problems you may have, and possibly provide valuable advice and recommendations.

Typically, guests are provided with their room and common areas. If interested, it is possible when booking and negotiate ensure complete privacy (no one else will stay in the area).

On the cottage it is possible to take dogs, cats and other pets. When ordering a stay, it is necessary to arrange an appointment with the landlord.


In the nursing pension U hájovny there is a rental of sports and recreational needs at discount prices for guests of U Hovorků cottages (high quality mountain and mountain bikes, children's bicycles, wheelchairs for children, children's bicycle seat, inflatable boats, rings, vests, sleeves, inflatable pool, inline skates, trampoline, maps, GPS navigation and other amenities).


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Distance table

train station400 m
accommodation boarding house U hájovny    750 m
pub    450 m
library    10 m
church in Hamra3 m
les  250 m
quarry (bathing)  500 m
nude beach1 m
Sand dump (Natural Monument)1 m
sandpit (perfect for swimming)1 m
pond  400 m
river Lužnice  850 m
Veselí nad Lužnicí (town)4 m
Třeboň (city)19 m
Červená Lhota (chateau)18 m


Recreational possibilities

We believe that from a wide range of recreation options, everyone will choose at the age of one (in fact, we already had even younger fully satisfied visitors) within a hundred years. The huge advantage of this flat landscape is that you are almost everywhere on the bike, and this will make your distance significantly shorter. It is only up to you whether you prefer coolness sunbathing on the sandy beach at the sandpit whether fishing before going to lesand from where you will probably not go back empty, but with baskets filled with blueberries, cranberries, various mushrooms or sticks to the bonfire. Wolf is naturists recommended as one of the best places in the Czech Republic, where everyone will find a suitable place.

We recommend cycling around ponds, from which you can take a day trip to Třeboň. Within half an hour you can drive by Hluboká nad Vltavou, Červená Lhota Castle or in the castle in Trebon. However, if you want to leave your vacation properly in the body, you will rent a boat and you go to the water. Or play on local playgrounds football, volleyball directly in Vlkov tennis in the neighboring Veselí. Newly paved bicycle paths are also ideal for in-line skating. We recommend the wind windsurfing and for bold jumps to water from up to 8 meter jumps to a local quarry. Few then resist the end of the day at bonfirefriends with mosquitoes or in a local pub.


Tips for trips

NEW - Cycle route Lužnice. In 2014 there was marked a cycling trail between Veselí nad Lužnicí and České Velenice called Lužnice. As the name suggests, the route is reasonably trying to copy the Lužnice River, while leading cyclists with suitable surfaces, wading in the marshes and mud you do not really need to be afraid. That's why it's possible to ride it on all types of wheels including a scooter.

Autumn catch of ponds. In a few pictures we want to show you that even though autumn is coming and summer is gone forever, it is still beautiful here in Vlkov. Come with us, for example, to catch one of the surrounding ponds. The Třeboň region has been a synonym for the region of ponds for many centuries. The ponds were created by draining the originally swampy landscape and are a place of fish farming, mostly carp. The traditional holiday for everyone is the fishing of the largest Czech pond Rožmberk.

Around the ponds. For our visitors we have prepared a description of the way around the ponds around Vlkov. It is best to ride it on a bicycle and wind in the back, but we also believe that our pictures will be of interest to you.

Pond Rosenberg - the largest South Bohemian (and also Czech) pond was built in the years 1584 - 1590 on the river Lužnice about 6 km north of Třeboň by the well-known Rosenberg regent Jakub Krčín from Jelčany. To secure it, he developed an ingenious project for a water canal called the New River to drain excess water from the Lužnice to Nežárka.

Lock Deep nad Vltavou was established in the sixteenth century by reconstruction from an originally Gothic castle. The castle is set in beautiful gardens in the middle of an extensive English park. In the immediate vicinity of the chateau is the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery with a unique exhibition of Czech medieval art (the famous collection of Gothic Madonnas) and an equally attractive collection of works from the twentieth century. Aleš's South Bohemian Gallery also serves as a place for traditional classical music concerts.

Trebon - a spa town in the middle of the eponymous basin, which stands out especially for its beautiful landscape full of ponds and beautiful nooks. An ideal destination for a day bike trip. In the city there is swimming, a chateau and various hospitality facilities.

Soběslavská and Veselská blata - large areas where peat used to be mined. Today they are important natural monuments. Borkovická blata educational trail (PLA) is another opportunity to visit. On the trail you can admire the protected flora of the mud (eg carnivorous sundew round-leaved) or examples from the times when peat was still mined on the mud. If you walk the whole path - along the swinging paths above the swamp - you will certainly not be disappointed. The villages on the mud are famous for the folk architecture of the rural Baroque.

Steam train JHMD - The rarity of southern Bohemia is historical narrow-gauge railway between Jindřichův Hradec and Nová Bystřice (or Obrataní). The track is operated by a private carrier and during the summer season you can ride at the weekends with a historic train driven by a steam locomotive. Can not recommend.

Camp - a historic town founded by the Hussites in 1420, which boasts medieval historical core. It is a district town with a rich historical heritage: Kotnov Castle, Bechyňská Gate, City Hall, Catacombs, Museum, Renaissance Waterworks, Gothic Church in Žižkovo Square and lots of other attractions worth seeing.

Gmünd Aquapark - If the weather is not suitable for nature trips and swimming, you can go to the water world in Gmünd. Here you will find a rock salt pool with salt from Bad Ischl, a sports pool, a warm whirlpool, a 65 m long water slide, an extensive sauna world and many other attractions.

Ponies in Pelejovice - Especially for small children, from the age of three, we recommend a visit to the riding club in Pelejovice. It is possible to arrange both an individual ride and the entire course. The big advantage is the individual approach and family atmosphere. Due to the driving distance, it is ideal to combine with a bike path.

Bechyně - a town west of Tábor famous for its spas. We recommend a visit to the castle, confectionery on the square or a romantic walk through the valley of the river Lužnice. The first electrified line in Central Europe - "Bechyňka" constructed by František Křižík - leads from Tábor to Bechyně.

Jindřichův Hradec - a town east of Vlkov. You can visit by bike (approx. 26 km) or more conveniently by car. We recommend visiting lock, explore the beautiful historic center, wooden movable crib, or sit in some of the patisseries. There is also a colorful singing fountain in the city center.

Bošilec  - a village between the Bošilec and Horusický ponds. In the middle of the village Gothic church from the 14th century with the famous fish-shaped pulpit. Typical folk buildings from the 19th century.

Cervena Lhota - a castle on a rocky island surrounded by water with access via a bridge. The original fortress was rebuilt into a chateau in the 17th century. Exhibition open to the public. A lasting experience is also provided by cycling around the pond or boating.




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