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Marina Liptov - camp site

Slovak Republic



The MARINA LIPTOV sports and recreation center is located in the picturesque village of Bobrovník, surrounded by the Choč Mountains, the Western and Low Tatras and the beautiful Liptovská Mara Bay. Thanks to its location it offers perfect opportunities for all lovers of summer and winter activities. Therefore, whether you like nature walks, mountain hiking, cycling, skiing or your passion for water and enjoying yachting, windsurfing, paddleboarding, rowing, kayaking or good fishing, you will surely find your way here.


Camping sites for caravans, motor homes and tents

  • 6000 area m2
  • the caravan parking space has a convenient electric and water connection and waste on site
  • a brand new building of sanitary facilities including a fitted kitchen and a working sink with running water to empty the chemical toilet
  • in the resort area is wifi internet access
  • the entrance gate space is monitored by a camera system
  • event tent with stage and beer sets
  • games and sporting goods

Mobile homes

Do you want to stay in touch with nature during your camping holiday and do not pull your tent or caravan with you? We offer accommodation in seasonal mobile homes. Unlike caravans, they are larger and more spacious, fully furnished with modern furniture of a common size. Mobile homes consist of a common room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a social area.

Mobile home equipment

  • In the common area there is a sofa, dining area, furniture wall and gas fireplace.
  • The kitchen consists of a fully equipped kitchen, stove, fridge, kettle and microwave.
  • The house has a room with a double bed and two bedrooms with two single beds. The bathroom has a sink, shower and flush toilet. Heating is provided by a gas fireplace in the living area and electric infrared cabin in each room.

Holiday villas

Superiorly equipped villas for more demanding tourists. The villas contain all the amenities and are themed

  • Vila Alaska
  • Villa Ardea
  • Villa Iceberg
  • Villa Nautica
  • Villa Castoria

Villas at Marina Camping


Water attractions and activities


  • boat rental
  • water sports
  • Bicycle

Water sports at the campsiteBike rental at the campsite


Sightseeing Cruises

Sightseeing Cruises



Fitness at the campsite


Children's playground in the camp

Physiotherapy & Yoga & More ...


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Popular water parks

Tatralandia - 10km

Besenova - 6km


  • It is said that the most beautiful view of the world is from horseback. Well we have to say that in the case of Liptov it is definitely from the bike!
  • So get him and discover the magic of the most beautiful bike paths. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views, breathe in the fresh air and recharge with this magical energy. Or go on foot and explore the surrounding hiking trails.
  • And after a challenging hike, whether cycling, do not forget to stop by us and indulge in a perfect dot for a trip in our resort!

Cycle Map _kemp Marina


Hiking around the campsite

Waterfall LúčkyMonument Havránok

  • Thermal springs - Bešeňová (6km)
  • Lúčky Waterfall (12km)
  • Havránok Monument (2km)
  • Kvačianska Valley (10 km)
  • Prosiecka Valley (6km)
  • Demanovska Cave (30 km)
  • Neighborhoods (12 km)
  • Detailed description of tourist destinations here: Hiking around the campsite


Fishing Liptovská Mara

The beautiful Liptovská Mara also has a leading position in the field of fishing. It even belongs to the best fish stocks in carp mode in Slovakia.

It has a rich representation of the following fish: carp, tench, stucco, perch, perch, chub, pain, podoustva, rainbow trout, lake trout, here and there can be found on catfish and eel. Fishing is permitted from 1.6. to 15.3. Spinning and fishing is allowed from 15.6 to 31.1. Hunting is permitted on two hooks when fishing for heavy and float, only one pole can be used for fishing with spinning and fly fishing. A fisherman can keep a maximum of 2 pieces of carp, tench, pike, zander, catfish, sore, or a combination of them, or 4 salmon, including grayling, but not more than 7 kg of fish. The passionate fishermen will surely be pleased to note that despite the high attendance it is still possible to catch a proper "cat"

Fishing in the camp Liptov

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