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♥ LIPTOVSKÁ DREVENICA in Demänovská Dolina - Low Tatras ♥

Liptov Region Card and Gopass Card Gratis - 5-50% discount on 90 Liptov attractions, including Aquaparks, Chopok ski passes (discounts on 6-day ski passes up to 50 Eur) and many more.

Enjoy your weekend stay or holiday (FREE DIVING DRINK) in a new apartment-type apartmenthouse located directly in ♥ Liptov in a nice environment in the direction of Demänovská Dolina. It has an excellent strategic location because it is situated between the two biggest and best attractions of Liptov, namely JASNÁ Nízke Tatry (8 km) and Aquarium TATRALANDIA (6 km).

The wood consists of 2 apartments. Each apartment has an area of ​​60 m², it is a two-storey, consists of 2 separate bedroom, bathroom with its own bathroom and living room with cast iron pie and equipped kitchenette. From both apartments is possible to enter a separate children's room full of toys (children corner). It is possible to use both apartments together, but independently of each other.

Accommodation in stylish and above-standard apartments you spríjemní even heat liatinovej piecky, which is located in the ground floor. Throws you in an unforgettable atmosphere of "cottage" and ensure the survival of your romantic evenings.

Capacity of wood

  • Total capacity of wood: 10 beds including children up to 3 years
  • Apartment No. 1 has 6 beds (1x2 Bed Room with a double bed and 1x3 Bed Room with one double bed and one single bed).
  • Apartment No. 2 has 6 beds (1x2 Bed Room with a double bed and 1x3 Bed Room with one double bed and one single bed).

Equipment in the price

Liptov Region Card, Gopass Card - discount on skipasses and Aquapark Tatralandia and Bešenová, recreational fee, bed linen, towels and towels, hand soap, cotton sticks, toilet paper, hair dryer, LCD TV with DVD, SAT or LED TV SAT and USB, Wi-Fi internet access, board games, separate children's room full of toys (children's corner), children's cradle from the massif for children to 6 months, 2x cot and children chair (on request), fully equipped kitchen with dishes table (microwave, electric kettle, toaster, bidet, refrigerator with freezer compartment, kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, dishwasher), garden furniture, barbecue, small playground.

Relax and services of cottage Liptovská Drevenica

Wood kúpacia vat

After a day hike, or the demanding of skiing you the best "fit" warm bath. In every season is at your disposal Our traditional wooden vat in which you can relax even if the outside temperature drops well below freezing. Water temperature in the winter months is ready for 38 Wed C. In summer it is again a pleasant refreshment. In a day and night under the starry sky to spend a romantic moment, as well as for families who want to spend time shared odpočinku.Kúpací barrel "vat" is in Europe rozžšírila from Canada a few years ago and is suitable for all ages. Kadam has 170 cm diameter and height 110 cm. Inside "Cadet" are found sitting on the bench. Maximum capacity kade during one bathing is 5 people.

"Check out - it's an unforgettable experience!"

Children's corner and babysitting

If you want a little "relax" from your little ones, we have a separate room for playing them full of toys. If you would like to spend it
a romantic evening in the couple, we offer you the service of "guarding" your spirits.

Boarding Wooden cabin Liptovská

own, with the possibility of preparing own food in the kitchens of the apartment, or in restaurants about 400-700 m from the wood.


Directly at our cottage, or in its garden, take advantage of the possibility of massages in your time and at very favorable prices.
Type of massage offered:

  • Classical body massage total
  • Back and neck massage or partial body massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Herbal Balls - Herbal Bags Massage
  • Wrap wrap body wrap
  • Massage with lava stones
  • honey massage
  • Reflex foot massage
  • Chocolate massage
  • Cosmetic lymphatic drainage of the face
  • cupping
  • Lymphodrainage of the whole body
  • Shiatsu - massage over clothing
  • Anticellulite massage


own (parking directly at the object) Train - Train Station 4 km, bus - zastávaka 100 m from Drevenice.


free - just the object (4 autá)

For a fee

Wood kúpacia vat for 5 people in every season are hired for the day and for the whole apartment.

The cottage is strictly forbidden any smoking or manipulation with open fire (candles, incense sticks). Before cottage has a reserved place to smoke. Pet unfortunately are not allowed. Small zvieratká in the cage but has exceptions.

More accommodation in Liptovská Mara

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Jasna Low Tatras 8 - 12 km - Winter

The biggest and most visited ski resort Jasna Low Tatras It has very good natural conditions for skiing a snowboarovanie. Furthermore, superbly prepared slopes varying degrees of difficulty can also be found here SnowparkWhich is suitable for beginners and as well as
for already experienced horsemen and vyznavačov freestyle. The resort also provides suitable conditions for skialpinistov. Already after 3 km from our Drevenice find groomed for cross-country skiing. You can also experience the fun on the slopes at Ski Trip of night, or sledging. For those who are just "zoznamujú" with lysis provides services on a professional level Ski and snowboard school and child nursery. The resort also features services: restaurants, bike, luggage, service, sports shops, a post office. For children a Maxiland, Which is the largest zimným areálem
the Slovak Republic. The winter season mostly begins in early December and ends at the end of April. The resort guarantees snow to 5 months of the year.

Jasna Low TatrasJasná Low Tatras 2Jasná Low Tatras 4

Jasna Low Tatras 8 - 12 km - Leto

Leto attracts tourists Low Tatras beautiful nature. Except alpine toursOr undemanding walks or hubárčenia okúzlujúcej in this part of Slovakia can experience even in the summer "little adrenaline", which offers you the Summer mountain bobsledWhich is from our Drevenice just a
3 km. It has a length 1 km and camber 120 meters. The crew alone can choose the speed drive to 45km / h. In summer you can take advantage of the resort's services
ako bicycle rentalOr kolobežiekOr, you can give potholing, skalolezeniu, paragliding whether archery for doporovodu experienced guides.

Jasná Low Tatras 5Jasna Low Tatras

Cultural sights

Celtic Museum - Museum & gallery25 km

It is one of najvýznamnešjích archaeological sites Liptova. Archeoskanzen has been made available in the 1991 and national cultural memorial was pronounced in 1967. We have found the "excavation" of the younger period of iron - laténskej-300 100 before AD. Were discovered remains of burned obiet, corn, jewelry and human bones, probably a victim of religious rituals.

Vlkolínec - UNESCO monuments 34,5 km

The village Vlkolínec the reservation is folk architecture. Clean wood in the village was declared 1977
a monument reserve, and since 1993 is inscribed on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural
Heritage. The first written mention of the village already comes from 1376. Landmark is a wooden belfry. The village was retained 45 Structures original folk architecture, which form a beautiful architectural unity - a living museum.

Museum Liptovska villages - museum Pribylina 21 km

The museum's presentation 'lifestyle housing "people in Liptov turn of 19-th and 20. century. The objects are copies of originator Structures the wooden folk architecture. Here, you can also see two rekonštukciou originator of medieval stone objects - ranogotický Church of Our Lady and the Gothic-Renaissance manor house.
In the museum Liptovská villages are organized also the occasional cultural events, folkolórne programs and demos People of production and crafts.

All-wood articular evangelical church in the Holy One of Kríž 13 km

Located in the village of Saint crisis and belongs to the largest wooden buildings in Central Europe. It was built by carpenter foreman
in the 1774. Plan of charcoal church has a form of a cross and the length of the church with a tower is 43 m apparatus church is
barkovom in style. Baroque - wooden altar dates from 1693. The main altar painting, oil painting, shows the Transfiguration of Christ and the authority was made in the year 1760. Luster comes from 1780 and is of Venetian glass. On wooden boards, are found biblical paintings, made by an unknown painter.

The Jewish Synagogue in Liptoskom Nicholas 4 km

The synagogue in Liptovsky Mikulas is an example of 'sad reality of cultural heritage of the Jewish people "to Slovak.
Despite the fact that the synagogue belongs to the most beautiful synagogues in Europe, nobody has an interest in it operated. The building
You can see at least the bell.

Mills - Kvačianska Dolina 20 km

Kvačianska enchanting valley is situated in the massif Choc vrchy. At its heart lies basin which
is surrounded by forests, steep cliffs and clear water. In this Kotlín live wolves, lynx and bears. Stoja
the wooden water mill and a sawmill - folk monuments technical engineering of the early 19. century.

Thermal Park Bešeňová 14 km

Swimming pools with geothermal water - external

In the 1993 were released to the public outdoor swimming pools with geothermal water, which was reconstructed in the years 2006-2007. Today it is available
8 outdoor pools with water temperature 27 - 39 ° C 2 which include swimming pools, relaxation and 5 1 non-swimmers pool - the pool dopadovým a roller coaster. 7 8 of pools is opened all year round. Geothermal water jet from a depth of up to 2 000 m in the pools intended for relaxation are a variety of water attractions such as underwater loungers and benches along the edges of pools, water jets ... They are suitable for all ages.

Pools st warmed with clear water - external

In the 2008 was made accessible to the public 5 new swimming pools (Olympic swimming pool 25 m, relaxation pool with attractions, children's pool
so splashy fountain, wild river, a pool for non-swimmers incident 2 slides). These pools are made of anticorrosive and have Ciru water
that is in them warmed to 24 - 37 ° C. They are suitable for all ages and are in operation only during the summer months.

Pools st warmed with clear water - indoor

Indoor poolsIndoor pools

The area with indoor pools has been made available in the 2006 and is suitable for all ages. Are made
from st and have warmed limpid water. There is a large swimming pool with gargoyles, relaxing sitting pool with massage jets and seating with benches, children's pool with a hríbikom ježkom and indoor water slide. Pools are opened all year round and water temperature
They are 27 - 39 ° C. Complex Thermal Paros further provides clients with perfect relaxation, which you can experience in Welnes center - vitálnom world. The complex offers 5 kinds of saunas, various kinds of massages and inhalations.

Tatralandia 6 km


Tatralandia is the largest aqueous areálem full of fun in the Slovak Republic, in Poland as well as in the Czech Republic.


It is open to the public throughout the year. You will find 28 water slides and šmýkačiek different shapes and lengths, 11 pools with thermal mineral water to swim and relax with a variety of geysers, vyvieračkami, bublinkovačmi, jets and forms. The pools is 11 8 celoročných of which are covered 3 have a temperature of 26 - 38 ° C. Geothermal water, which is located in them is exceptional because it contains a marine waters of paleogénneho Mora, whom was flooded territory Liptova About 40 Millions of years ago. In the pools you can work well with aqueous aquaerobic noodle. About your entertainment shall see animators who will prepare for animation programs full of fun, competitions and great prices. Any time slides and pools are
about your security postarajú lifeguards. Moreover topogánov and pool you can visit Paradise Wellness - spa complex, wraps, therapeutic treatments and massages, where new energy recharge.


Is ready for the little "inflatable world" - inflatable castle and a pirate ship inflatable, retiazkový carousel - octopus, horse vláčikom "tralaláčikom" a maze full of adventures with Tarzan and many another way of entertainment.


Since 2007 Waterpark features a "tropical indoor world - wellness with pools," which provides visitors hydro massage, bublinkovače, massage jets, fountains, and water beds. The water in swimming pools is 30 ° C. Let the "tide" tajomným fraudulent lighting and a relaxation sun palm garden with comfortable deck chairs and armchairs, one of which is unforgettable views of the beautiful Tatra nature. Your kids can add
on their Santen at the šmýkačkách vodopádoch and under water games.



Demänovská Cave of Freedom 5 km

Among the dominant Demänovské caves include Demänovská Cave of FreedomWhich for many years visitors to seduce a rich sintric different colors, mysterious podzemným watercourse Demänovka and beautiful small lake. And there were discovered the bones bear. Is the most frequented and made accessible cave measured 8 126 m

A. King discovered a cave with the help of A. Misurata and other prieskumníkov in the 1921.

Prehliadková route:

Length: 1 150 m respectively. 2 150 m
Duration of: 60 min respectively. 100 min
Topics: Traditional circuit respectively. An exclusive range

Demänovská Cave of FreedomDemänovská Cave of Freedom

Ice cave 7 km

The entrance to the cave is located in a dug into the northern side of the Low Tatras, only two kilometers from the cave Demänovska freedom. Ice filling occurs
in a cave around 500 years and together with sinter decoration creates extremely interesting prehliadkový circuit.

Length targeted parts of the cave is 1 975 m ice-cores are present within the bottom parts of the cave, you'll find the most well ľadové pillars, stalactites
and stalagmites.

The turmoil that Demänovska Ice Cave is known from nepamäti. The first written mention of the cave already comes from 1672.

Prehliadková route:

Length: 650 m
Duration of: 45 min

Ice caveIce cave
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